Make/Play/Watch/Read: Find the Artist Within

Being an artist takes time, patience, and kindness for ourselves. Take some time to Make/Play/Watch/Read and find the artist within.

July 23, 2021

Exclusive Clip From Discovery’s Emmy-Nominated Series ‘Serengeti II’

Enjoy a GeekMom-exclusive clip from Discovery's 'Serengeti II.'

July 17, 2021

Make/Play/Watch/Read: World Chess Day (July 20)

Chess is one of the oldest international games in history, and it has its own special day: World Chess Day…

July 16, 2021

‘The Friendship Onion’ Is a Hearty Treat for ‘Lord of the Rings’ Fans

When it comes to creating a fun, friendly, and fan-loving podcast for 'Lord of the Rings' lovers, it takes a…

July 11, 2021

The Man, The Show, The Monster: ‘Monsters at Work’ With Ben Feldman

Another monstrous hit from Disney as we dive deeper into the world of Monsters Inc. GeekMom Sarah chats with actor…

July 7, 2021

An Interview With LEGO Brickmaster and Artist Nathan Sawaya

As we start rolling towards the end of the second season of 'LEGO Masters,' we supplement our first interview with…

July 6, 2021

Make/Play/Watch/Read: A Pirate’s Life for Me

Time to Make/Play/Watch/Read your way to the high seas in search of treasure! It's a pirate's life for everyone!

July 3, 2021

Make/Play/Watch/Read: Roll Up for International Sushi Day!

It's International Sushi Day (June 18). Let's MAKI it special. (There's more where that came from with our Make/Play/Watch/Read.)

June 18, 2021

Make/Play/Watch/Read: E3 and Video Games

Here's to the gamers and the game developers! Make/Play/Watch/Read with our tribute to video game developers.

June 11, 2021

Make/Play/Watch/Read: World Oceans Day (June 8)

This year, World Oceans Day is seeking a balance between the life of the ocean and the livelihoods of the…

June 4, 2021

Make/Play/Watch/Read: Playing With Light

Light is a fascinating subject for any age. This week, we are lighting up Make/Play/Watch/Read with a broad spectrum of…

May 28, 2021

‘Supernatural: The Complete Series’ Is a Must-Have

'Supernatural: The Complete Series' is a must-have for any fan of the show. It includes all 15 seasons as well…

May 25, 2021

Make/Play/Watch/Read: The Humble Paper Airplane!

May 28 is the unofficial national day for the humble paper airplane. Soar high with our Make/Play/Watch/Read ideas any design.

May 22, 2021

Make/Play/Watch/Read: International Museum Day (May 18)

International Museum Day (May 18) celebrates how we collect and share our cultural experiences. Join in with Make/Play/Watch/Read.

May 14, 2021

‘My Singing Monsters Fandemonium’ Is the Next Level in Entertainment

"Gamifying Content." Those are the words Catherine used to describe My Singing Monsters Fandemonium, and it's the closest term we…

May 13, 2021

Make/Play/Watch/Read: International Nurses Day (May 12)

We're giving you plenty of prep time for International Nurses Day (May 12). Get inspired with our Make/Play/Watch/Read!

May 7, 2021

Get Your Baking on with ‘Star Wars: Galactic Baking’ by Insight Editions

May the Fourth be with you on this Star Wars Day of 2021. Today we look at Insight Editions' latest…

May 4, 2021

Make/Play/Watch/Read: And All That Jazz!

Jazz up your day with our swinging Make / Play / Watch / Read. From music to movies, poetry to…

April 29, 2021

11 Completely Random and Geeky Facts About Fictional Guitarists

It's International Guitar Month! Here's a random list of fictional guitar and guitarist facts that goes to eleven!

April 25, 2021

Make/Play/Watch/Read: Shakespeare Day

Shakespeare Day celebrates the birth and death of the Master of Tragedies. Bring out your witty repartee with our Make/Play/Watch/Read.

April 23, 2021