K. Tilden Frost

7 Reasons You Need to Pick Up ‘Unstoppable Wasp’ This Wednesday

We've been excited about the return of 'Unstoppable Wasp' since it was announced. Now the book is finally here -…

October 15, 2018

‘Man-Eaters’ Does Not Apologize for Its Feminist Agenda

'Man-Eaters' by Chelsea Cain is a phenomenal new book that has its claws out and is ready to tear apart…

September 29, 2018

‘Rainbow Brite’ by Jeremy Whitley Brings Light to a Dark World

Jeremy Whitley's new comic, 'Rainbow Brite,' is exactly that - full of rainbows, bright, and fun. It's also well written,…

September 27, 2018

It Came From Editorial: An Interview With Alanna Smith

Alanna Smith is the editorial mind behind some of the greatest comics Marvel is currently putting out: 'West Coast Avengers,'…

September 15, 2018

Kelly Thompson’s ‘West Coast Avengers’ Is the Diverse Team Book You Need

'West Coast Avengers' by Kelly Thompson released Issue #1 this week. Bringing back Kate Bishop, America Chavez, and Gwenpool, the…

August 26, 2018

Modern Fantasy, Labyrinth, and DuckTales: August 2018 Comic Book Corner

Welcome back to the Comic Book Corner. This month, Kay and Beth are talking about Modern Fantasy, DuckTales, and Jim…

August 8, 2018

‘Luisa Now and Then’ Brings Us Closer to Ourselves

'Luisa Now and Then' is a time travel story featuring a queer teen who gets the chance to meet herself…

July 30, 2018

Solving the Mystery Of The New ‘Nancy Drew’

The new Nancy Drew comic from Dynamite is everything I could have asked for and more.

June 13, 2018

Happily Lost In the First Issue of ‘Jim Henson’s Labyrinth: Coronation”

As a huge fan of 1986's Labyrinth movie, I was thrilled to get my hands on the new comic from…

May 27, 2018

‘West Coast Avengers’ Is Making Me Give Marvel Comics Another Chance Again

Marvel is that abusive boyfriend I just can’t seem to quit.

May 18, 2018

5 Tricks to Help You Introduce Your Kid to Their Hero

Meeting Austin St. John was overwhelming for my whole family, but for my 7-year-old, this was a chance to meet…

May 11, 2018

‘Raven The Pirate Princess’ Swashbuckles Its Way Into Your Heart

Raven: The Pirate Princess is the sort of book that I wish I could send back to a childhood version…

May 2, 2018

I Don’t Need or Want Your Autism Awareness

When you're autistic, Autism Awareness Month is particularly frustrating. In the month that is (theoretically) dedicated to raising awareness of…

April 6, 2018

‘Avengers: Back to Basics’ Offers No New Perspective

'Avengers: Back to Basics' by Peter David starts a miniseries that promises to offer a fresh perspective on the Avengers,…

March 28, 2018

‘Tangled The Series’ Tie-In Comic Creates Snarls

IDW's tie-in comic for Tangled: The Series features attractive art and interesting innovations, but doesn't quite rise to the level…

March 8, 2018

Dystopia in Pink: ‘Jem and the Holograms: Infinite’ Review

'Jem and the Holograms: Infinite' takes the band members into a dystopian world created by a misuse of their Synergy…

February 9, 2018

DC Launches DC Zoom and DC Ink Focused on Younger Readers

Building off the clear success of DC Super Hero Girls in the past two years—the concept that started as a…

February 6, 2018

‘Goldie Vance’: The Detective Comic You Should Be Reading

As a childhood Nancy Drew fan, I should have heard of 'Goldie Vance' a long time before I did. As…

February 5, 2018

Collecting ‘JLA’ The Right Way: It’s Complicated

Want to read the classic 'JLA' title from DC Comics? It's not as easy as simply grabbing the right volumes.…

February 1, 2018

Launchpad McQuack Crashes Again: ‘DuckTales’ #5 Review

It’s a matter of some debate in my house who, exactly, 'DuckTales' is being bought for. I think I’m buying…

January 27, 2018