Evil Genius Mum

Taking over the world from the comfort of her EG Lair Down Under (Australia). She plans to reset the world in her own geeky image - because geeks do it better. From old school superheroes to tech gadgets, EG Mum is all about sharing the geeky world with her spawnlings - Sinister, Nefarious, and Zaltu... if they don't beat her to it.

Game Review: ‘Kena: Bridge of Spirits’

'Kena: Bridge of Spirits' is the push I needed to buy a PS5 (if I can ever get my hands…

September 23, 2021

Make/Play/Watch/Read: Sign Languages

September 23 is International Day of Sign Languages, a day to celebrate the importance of sign languages and the right…

September 17, 2021

2021 Ig Nobel Prize: Beards, Rhinos, and the Language of Cats

The Ig Nobel Prize celebrates science that makes us laugh then makes us think, from beards to rhinos and the…

September 11, 2021

Make/Play/Watch/Read: My Fine Feathered Friends

Birdwatching is a great hobby to encourage at any time of year. Start with our Make/Play/Watch/Read and see where the…

September 10, 2021

Journey Through ‘8Doors: Arum’s Afterlife Adventure’

If you’re a fan of Metroidvania video games and willing to put in the work, you are going to love…

September 6, 2021

Make/Play/Watch/Read: For the Games of Japan

If the Tokyo Olympics has inspired your interest in Japan, we have the perfect guide to Make / Play /…

August 18, 2021

Review: ‘The Thrilling Adventures of Brick Dad’

It's the LEGO Book we've been waiting for! 'The Thrilling Adventures of Brick Dad' by Henry Pinto and Cade Franklin.…

August 3, 2021

Make/Play/Watch/Read: Find the Artist Within

Being an artist takes time, patience, and kindness for ourselves. Take some time to Make/Play/Watch/Read and find the artist within.

July 23, 2021

Make/Play/Watch/Read: World Chess Day (July 20)

Chess is one of the oldest international games in history, and it has its own special day: World Chess Day…

July 16, 2021

Make/Play/Watch/Read: A Pirate’s Life for Me

Time to Make/Play/Watch/Read your way to the high seas in search of treasure! It's a pirate's life for everyone!

July 3, 2021

Make/Play/Watch/Read: Roll Up for International Sushi Day!

It's International Sushi Day (June 18). Let's MAKI it special. (There's more where that came from with our Make/Play/Watch/Read.)

June 18, 2021

Make/Play/Watch/Read: E3 and Video Games

Here's to the gamers and the game developers! Make/Play/Watch/Read with our tribute to video game developers.

June 11, 2021

Make/Play/Watch/Read: World Oceans Day (June 8)

This year, World Oceans Day is seeking a balance between the life of the ocean and the livelihoods of the…

June 4, 2021

Make/Play/Watch/Read: Playing With Light

Light is a fascinating subject for any age. This week, we are lighting up Make/Play/Watch/Read with a broad spectrum of…

May 28, 2021

Make/Play/Watch/Read: The Humble Paper Airplane!

May 28 is the unofficial national day for the humble paper airplane. Soar high with our Make/Play/Watch/Read ideas any design.

May 22, 2021

Make/Play/Watch/Read: International Museum Day (May 18)

International Museum Day (May 18) celebrates how we collect and share our cultural experiences. Join in with Make/Play/Watch/Read.

May 14, 2021

Make/Play/Watch/Read: International Nurses Day (May 12)

We're giving you plenty of prep time for International Nurses Day (May 12). Get inspired with our Make/Play/Watch/Read!

May 7, 2021

Make/Play/Watch/Read: And All That Jazz!

Jazz up your day with our swinging Make / Play / Watch / Read. From music to movies, poetry to…

April 29, 2021

Make/Play/Watch/Read: Shakespeare Day

Shakespeare Day celebrates the birth and death of the Master of Tragedies. Bring out your witty repartee with our Make/Play/Watch/Read.

April 23, 2021

LudoNarraCon: A Digital Hot Spot for Narrative Video Games

LudoNarraCon is a digital convention for narrative video games. Discover over 40 indie narrative games on Steam from April 23…

April 23, 2021