Shuttle Countdown T-0 Launch Day: A Tribute to Atlantis

This morning will mark the final launch of a NASA Space Shuttle into orbit around Earth on its way to the International Space Station. At approximately 11:26am EST Atlantis will reach the T-0 mark for the last time and roar into the sky completing a long tenure of scientific discovery for NASA. Atlantis was named after RV Atlantis, […]

Shuttle Countdown T Minus 2 Days: A Tribute to Columbia

On April 12, 1981, a stark white Columbia broke the surly bonds of Earth when it roared into space as America’s first reusable Space Shuttle. Columbia (OV-103) was named after the American ship Columbia Rediviva which, under the command of Captain Robert Gray in the late 1790’s, explored the US Pacific Northwest and became the first American vessel to […]

Shuttle Countdown T-5 Days: A Tribute to Endeavour

Endeavour is the youngest of all of the orbiters, having been authorized for construction in 1987 as a replacement to the Challenger orbiter.  Endeavour (OV-105) arrived to Kennedy Space Center for final check-out and testing in May of 1991. Endeavour name was the result of a national public contest of elementary and secondary school students. […]

Shuttle Countdown T-6 Days: Forecasting for Shuttle Launches

As GeekMom’s token meteorologist AND military member, in honor of the final shuttle mission planned for next week, I’m thrilled to share with you some insight into the weather forecast preparations for a space shuttle launch. After all, what delays launches most often?  The weather, right?  I’m not sure if a precise count exists, but […]

Shuttle Countdown T-7 Days: A Tribute to Discovery

The Discovery space shuttle was the third space rated orbiter in the NASA fleet after Columbia and Challenger. Before its retirement earlier this year, it was the shuttle fleets leader at 39 missions. Discovery was named after three very historic ships in history. Henry Hudson’s Discovery was used in the 1609 founding of Jamestown and […]

Shuttle Countdown T-8 Days: Playlist For Last Flight Of Atlantis

Music has been the astronauts’ wake-up call on space missions for decades, starting back when Apollo astronauts were serenaded with popular songs by mission control colleagues. Some rollicking travel music should wake the crew of the mythically-named Atlantis, now taking the final flight of NASA’s storied space shuttle program. We here at GeekMom have suggestions. Sarah […]

Shuttle Countdown T-9 Days: A Tribute to Challenger

Challenger… simply the word evokes memories of one of the worst disasters of the NASA space program. While we will always remember that final mission, Challenger’s legacy is so much bigger. In the late 70’s Challenger, then known as STA-099, was constructed as a testbed vehicle to test NASA’s new lighter airframe. STA-099 was subjected […]

NASA, Shuttles and Space for the Future

One of my favorite memories of this summer is the day I sat with my daughter snuggled in my lap and watched the final space shuttle launch. As Atlantis took to the skies, I wiped away tears and tried to explain to her why Mommy was crying over a spaceship. This is a little girl […]

T-1: Shuttle Program: Top Ten Images From A Thirty Year History

As we count the hours (perhaps only 24 hours, perhaps more because of a last minute problem) until the last shuttle launch, many of us are reflecting on memories we have of the shuttle, it’s missions, and the space program in general. From reflections on the Challenger disaster to a rollicking playlist for Atlantis we […]

Let the Countdown Begin: T-10 days

Today marks 10 days until the final launch of a NASA Space Shuttle into space. What a ride it has been! GeekMom will be paying tribute to the shuttle program over the next 10 days in preparation of Atlantis’s final “Blast Off!” with STS-135. The last 30 years of the shuttle program have provided so […]

NASA Day of Rememberance

Established in 2004, the last Thursday of January every year we remember all of the men and women who have given their lives as NASA astronauts as part of the NASA Day of Remembrance. Since Alan Shepard took his first flight into the blackness of space in 1961 during the Mercury program, 17 brave souls […]

Christa McAuliffe – Teacher, Astronaut, Hero

The Space Shuttle Challenger broke apart just 73 seconds into its flight on January 28, 1986 killing all seven crew members. I was in high school, watching the launch on a cheesy television that I’d helped roll into my French class. I can still see it sitting on a rickety black cart, antenna adjusted just-so in […]