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Disney Junior in the House!

Disney Junior in the House!

You bake an Octonauts cake and suddenly, it’s raining Disney. Here are some of the many live events surrounding Disney Junior titles. Read More


My Neighbor Totoro and Howl’s Moving Castle: Blu-ray At Last! PLUS! GHIBLI GIVEAWAY PACK!

My Neighbor Totoro and Howl’s Moving Castle: Blu-ray At Last! PLUS! GHIBLI GIVEAWAY PACK!

Today is a very good day for fans of Studio Ghibli and Hayao Miyazaki. At long last, the magnificent masterpiece My Neighbor Totoro, and the marvelous Howl’s Moving Castle, are available on Blu-ray! And as part of the celebration, GeekMom has a fantastic giveaway pack for 2 lucky readers!
But first, let’s discuss Totoro. Released in 1988, this edition marks the 25th anniversary of the film. Let’s all pause for a second while I cry violently over my keyboard, hitch sobbing, “Where did the time go?” Read More

Between the Bookends at GeekMom

  It’s time for another look at the GeekMoms’ never-ending stack of books. Collectively, we sure manage to make our way through a fair number of pages, whether we’re reading them on dead trees or e-readers. Here’s what we’ve read this month. Sophie has just finished reading I Want to Believe (The Official Guide to the… Read More

This Week With The GeekMoms

This week, Jules‘ youngest turned 13. Now she is officially the parent of two teenage boys. Jules is also happy to announce that next week, Sunburst Award winning Canadian author Alyx Dellamonica will be co-hosting Jules’ Geeky Pleasures Radio Show. They plan to discuss her newest book Blue Magic, LGBT issues, and more. If you’ve… Read More

This Week With The GeekMoms

Dakster Sullivan is gearing up for Megacon 2012. She is really excited to armor up and serve the Empire. Her husband and son are also excited to see all the costumes and toys. As always the 501st legion will be close by and in full force alongside the Rebel Legion and Southern R2 Builders group.… Read More

The GeekMoms Podcast #11 The Nerdist and The Sparkle in Nathan Fillion’s Eyes

Nicole Wakelin is again joined by GeekMom Kristen Rutherford to talk about her work on the special The Nerdist Year in Review which airs right after Doctor Who this Christmas Eve on BBC America. She also shares some interesting tidbits about the show’s special guests including Wil Wheaton and Nathan Fillion. They also talk about the scary… Read More

Squee Alert: The Delectable Gummylamp

Ah, gummy bears. I won’t go so far as to say I have a gummy bear addiction, but, well, let’s just say I order them by the case. They’re my work food: I eat them while I write. With the possible exception of those little hamburger-shaped cookies Kristen Rutherford brings me back from her trips… Read More

Felicia Day Hangs Out with GeekMoms

Yesterday eleven (if I’m counting right) GeekMom writers gathered in a room for the first time–sort of. We met face to face in a Google+ Hangout. Of course, you can only have ten people at a time in a Hangout, so GeekMoms Amy and Andrea graciously ducked out to leave room for our guest of… Read More

The GeekMoms Podcast #4 Skywalker Ranch and The Nerdist pilot

In episode four Nicole Wakelin is joined by fellow GeekMom writer Kristen Rutherford  who just spent some time at the Mecca that is Skywalker Ranch. She also talks about working on the pilot for Chris Hardwick’s new The Nerdist television show airing on BBC America on September 24th. There’s even talk of a special, super-secret guest, kinda sorta.… Read More

This Week With the GeekMoms

Patricia‘s summer of fun continues as all of the family is descending down to the Florida Panhandle for her husband’s military assumption of command ceremony.  After how crazy this summer has been so far, this will actually be a relatively low-stress weekend! Delphine is finally reading A Dance With Dragons, while she’s not watching her… Read More

A GeekMom Guide to Google+ Part One

I was lucky enough to land an invite to Google+ right away, thanks to fellow GeekMom Jules, and within minutes of my first exploration of Google’s new social networking platform, I was completely smitten. For me, Google+ combines the best things about Twitter and Facebook, and offers more besides. (Jules gave us a great post… Read More