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What Are Your “Halloween Eve” Preparations?

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I keep seeing memes and posts on social media stating “September is Halloween Eve,” and I’m here for it.

Of course, the word “Halloween” refers to that particular day’s “Eve” itself (All Hallows Eve). So, technically September would be an Eve of an Eve, but who cares? I just like a reason to break from the ordinary and embrace the spooky coziness of fall.

No matter—when it comes to prepping for a fun, haunting fall season, we must get ready. Here are four things I do to get ready for the spooky season in September.

I start decorating the last week of the month.

If you like to decorate for Halloween, start putting a few items up every day starting around September 25, and by October 1 you’re nearly done and everything is up for the entire month. This may not be a big deal for some people, but I have noticed more and more big, crazy Halloween set-ups in front of homes. If you’re going to make an effort, at least give yourself some time to enjoy it.

It’s okay to start decorating little by little in September. It makes a home festive.

I look over the October calendar.

In our area, the fall events pile up. I live in a desert environment where fall is by far the most enjoyable time of year weather-wise. This means everything gets scheduled during October and November. There are haunted attractions, school and church functions, sporting events, runs, markets, and street festivals. Almost every weekend there is something going on, not to mention the odd weeknight events. I have to add, we do the same looking ahead in November for upcoming Christmas and winter events. If you don’t plan ahead for these last three months of the year, it will get overwhelming. Trust me.

There is always that one prop or costume piece that makes the look complete. Start looking for it early, if you know what you want.

I get the hardest-to-find pieces of costumes early.

Remember when Halloween costumes were something kids wore one day a year? Not anymore with conventions, parties, school dress-up days, and countless other events that call for a good costume, for all ages. Hit the thrift stores and online shops for things you know are going to be harder to find, and get them out of the way early. This way you won’t be spending too much money on any one special prop or item. The reason we like to dress up is to have fun, so don’t make it stressful as well.

I don’t wait on the candy.

Halloween items show up in stores so early now that they are often sold out early as well. We used to wait until mid-October to stock up on candy or small giveaway items like mini-comics, but not anymore. We get our stash by the end of September and put it away until we need it for trick-or-treating in neighborhoods or for community events like “trunk-or-treat.” I can’t stress enough putting it in a safe place once you get it because candy can run out early at home—if you know what I mean. These can be big bags of temptation.

If the giveaway items are in stores, get them while you can. All images: Lisa Tate

October is the big Halloween and spooky season month, but if you want to enjoy all the trappings with as little stress as possible, take advantage of September. Fall comes fast enough as it is, so don’t miss it trying to get things done last minute.

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