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When I was a kid, my dad and I would retreat to the living room, snuggle up on the couch, and watch The Simpsons together. Most of the humor went over my head, but what I loved I loved. To be honest, I think my dad got as much out of watching me not get the humor that I didn’t get as he did out of the rest of the humor. I love watching good shows with my kids, and over the past few years Disney have been putting out some brilliant stuff for families. We binged our way through Gravity Falls, are waiting expectantly for new episodes of The Owl House, and laugh out loud with The Ghost and Molly McGee. However, one family more than others stole our hearts during our pandemic time at home together, the Green family from Big City Greens.

There’s a touch of Bart Simpson that appeals to me about Cricket Green, but that and the coloring is where the resemblance ends. Big City Greens follows 10-year-old Cricket Green and his family in their new life in the big city, the big city called Big City. Full of mischief and curiosity, there is something about his antics that are laugh-out-loud funny for me at 40 and for my son at 12. Along with his dad Bill, sister Tilly, and Grandma Alice, this is a tale of the little family that could. They aren’t your conventional family, but they never lose their optimism and they never lose their love for each other. 

The third season premiere is coming up this weekend on the Disney Channel, with the first and second seasons available on Disney+, and GeekMom has an exclusive clip to get you back into the Big City groove.

You can also follow the Greens in two short-form Disney Channel series—”Broken Karaoke” and “Random Rings”—each featuring your favorite Greens. I still cannot stop singing along to their pandemic-inspired video, that was so timely and accurate last year:

Oh – This is our declaration
No – We can’t stand isolation
Kids always nagging
Video chat’s lagging
Sat so long, I broke my tailbone
We’re going mad, cause we are stuck at home

The series is influenced by the childhood of creators Chris and Shane Houghton, from the rural town of St. Johns, Michigan. Everything from location to characters inspired by their own family members, people from their community, and from the experience they had leaving rural farmland for college in the wider world.

In more Big City news, Disney just signed up for a fourth season and a movie musical. Hopefully, this one won’t take as long as Bob’s Burgers has to hit our screens; I don’t think my heart could take it!

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