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In my effort to lose weight, I ditched my dollar store scale and decided it was time for something a bit more accurate that would track my progress and keep me motivated. Enter Withings Body+.

The Body+ scale is sleek, lightweight, and works via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technologies, with three AAA batteries powering the scale itself. The scale tracks everything from BMI to weight, as well as bone mass, muscle mass, and fat mass. I even have it connected to my Weight Watchers app so the two can communicate about my habits. It’s like having two health coaches on my phone.

Just set your goal and the app does the rest in terms of keeping track and cheering you on.

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As far as accuracy is concerned, I stepped on the scale twice in the same minute to see if it would give me a different reading and it stuck to its first weight. I played a game with my last scale by stepping on it three times and taking the lowest weight it would give me.

I like how the scale will show me a graph of my past eight weigh-ins so if I’m having a bad day I can see the positive progress I’ve made previously to keep me motivated. Another neat feature is that it syncs with my phone within seconds of weighing in. I also like how it doesn’t drag it’s feet while going through the various screens tellings me my weight, BMI, water mass, and weather for the day (yes, it tells you the weather as well!).

I’m not the only one who can step on the scale though. It can read up to eight people and up to 396lbs.

The sleek design and multi-feature tracking make this one of the best scales I’ve checked out and a great partner in my weight loss journey.

Withings Body+ is available at your local retailer and on Amazon for $99.

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