'Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Part 2'

Sabrina Fights the Patriarchy in ‘The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Part Two’ On Netflix

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'Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Part 2'
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I previously wrote about The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina comic series as well as part one of The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Netflix series and “A Midwinter’s Tale,” the holiday episode. Now that part two of the Netflix is here, Sabrina is ready to fight the patriarchy of the Church of Night.

Warning: the rest of this article contains spoilers for both the comic and TV versions of The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, especially season two.

Let’s break down our cast and their stories in season two.

Sabrina Spellman:

One of Sabrina’s best traits is that she isn’t afraid to question practices or traditions, especially those that stomp down on women. The season kicks off with her challenging The Academy of the Unseen Arts “Top Boy” contest as she puts her name in the running against romantic interest, Nick Scratch. The contest clearly shows signs of being rigged as she keeps getting attacked by demons, but Nick is willing to help her summon those demons to find out who sent them.

The twist? Those demons are acting of their own accord with concerns about who and what Sabrina really is. The troubles don’t stop there, though. Sabrina’s wary of bringing her magic around her mortal friends and throws herself further into life on the Path of Night, including moving on from Harvey by starting a relationship with Nick. While her relationship with Nick is important to her, it’s not her only driving force. The Dark Lord wants her to submit to his will, Father Blackwood is trying to get the Anti-Pope to introduce new tenants that are highly misogynistic, and Sabrina discovers that her father was likely killed because he wanted to bring in tenants that treated witches equally and included mixing with mortals.

Hilda and Zelda Spellman:

Aunt Hilda remains lovable and supportive but often underestimated. She’s the one urging Sabrina to connect with her mortal friends to try to temper the more concerning parts of her change since her Dark Baptism. She’s also the one telling Sabrina that she should only become sexually active if she feels ready. Reminder to anyone that crosses the Spellmans: never eat anything Aunt Hilda has prepared if you wish harm on her family.

Aunt Zelda becomes engaged to and marries Father Blackwood. Ever the pragmatic opportunist, she sees this as a way to restore the glory of the Spellmans. Once Father Blackwood tries to turn her into a magically submissive 1950’s housewife, the wrath of Aunt Zelda is triggered.

As the dust of the season settles, she’s ready to be a High Priestess, a role that witches were never previously allowed to hold.

Ambrose Spellman:

Ambrose is always in a little over his head, and this season is no different. Father Blackwood pulls him deeper into the Church of Night leadership, only to try to frame him for murder of the Anti-Pope later. Ambrose is always lucky to have hi family at his back though, and when Sabrina really needs him he is there for her. Prudence of the Weird Sisters also becomes a romantic interest for him.

Theo Putnam:

One of the most powerful storylines is that of Susie Putnam making the choice to come out as a boy and start going by the name “Theo” after gaining a spot on the Boys’ Basketball Team with some magical help from Sabrina. Theo finds himself dealing with sexual harassment from a number of the jerks on the team, although one does apologize to him later.

In a scene that gives viewers all the feels, Theo explains to his father that he feels better dressing as a boy and being called a boy. Mr. Putnam is clearly a little lost for words, but when Theo asks to be called “Theo” and if his father might support him by taking him to get a more masculine hair cut, Mr. Putnam steps up. Another touching moment comes as Harvey gives Theo a lesson on how to tie a tie as they prepare to attend a school dance.

Roz Walker:

Roz ends up becoming involved with Harvey, although she does seek Sabrina’s blessing first out of respect for their friendship. Things take a rough turn as Roz completely loses her sight after kissing Harvey, and at one point she accuses Sabrina of cursing her with magic because of Harvey. Roz soon regrets her words and her “cunning’ becomes instrumental in saving Sabrina from a witch hunter. She even accepts Sabrina’s magical help in restoring her vision.

Harvey Kinkle:

Are Harvey and Sabrina really over? There are indications of lingering feelings between the two of them still. In the comics, Harvey and Sabrina were always endgame, and that can’t be ignored. He’s wary of Sabrina and magic at the beginning of the season, but when Sabrina is targeted by a witch hunter, he races to rescue her. By the end of the season he’s much more accepting of magic, and that leaves some fans wondering just how over he and Sabrina are.


The default leader of the Weird Sisters, one never knows which direction Prudence may take in helping or hindering Sabrina. She’s willing to help Sabrina in the Top Boy contest, but she also wants to be acknowledged by Father Blackwood as his daughter (the rejection he gives her in front of the Anti-Pope is heartbreaking). At some points, she is willing to do anything to support her father in order to be allowed to use the Blackwood name, but when he tries to poison the entire coven, including the other Weird Sisters, she finally snaps she goes into full take down the patriarchy mode.

The Dark Lord:

We knew the Dark Lord was fixated on Sabrina, what we didn’t realize is that she’s his actual daughter. The Spellmans had struggled to have a child and a deal was struck. The Dark Lord wanted a part-mortal, part-witch child with some demon thrown in because it created a powerful unholy trinity. He wants Sabrina to rule by his side as his firstborn and Queen and he’s not taking no for an answer.

Miss. Wardwell/Lilith:

We actually gain some sympathy for Lilith this season, especially after a school play goes over her relationship with the Dark Lord. When it comes down to it, all Lilith really wants to do is take the place in Hell that she’s earned. We learn that all of the things she’s pushed Sabrina into doing has been to trigger an Apocalypse that was prophesied.

What thanks does she get? The throne that she was promised is supposed to go to Sabrina and the mortal fiance of Miss. Wardwell is fed to her by the Dark Lord. Not only has the Dark Lord rejected her, but no one else can have her either. Lilith is absolutely done and helps the Spellmans take down the Dark Lord in exchange for getting to rule over Hell.

Nick Scratch:

We knew his “provocative” name likely spelled trouble, and it was not a total shock when he admitted that the Dark Lord had urged him to get close to Sabrina, but he credits Sabrina with teaching him how to love. When the Dark Lord has to be stopped, Nick takes the sacrifice and traps the Dark Lord in his body. Lilith takes him back to Hell and Sabrina is heartbroken. But Sabrina is always willing to fight for what she wants, and with her mortal friends at her back again she’s ready for part three of her adventures to literally take her to Hell to get Nick back.

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