Get Started 3D Printing Your Halloween Costume

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More and more of you are acquiring 3D printers, but I often see people looking for ideas of things to print besides dust-collecting tchotchkes. Halloween is the perfect time of year! You can build a whole costume from 3D-printed pieces, or just add the finishing touches. And of course, Thingiverse is a handy place to start. Here are a few ideas to get you started:


Unicorn Horn by phraust

To make it extra fun, use a glow in the dark filament.

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman Bracers and tiara by Freddyanimator

Worbla sounds like a lot of work? Print it!

Star Trek

Star Trek badge by nabzim

Buy or make a uniform, and then print your combadge!

The Office

Dunder Mifflin Paper Costume by Maxlarsen

The party is tonight, and you have no plan. But you have a printer and a white shirt. You’re paper.


Decorative Gear Collection by pleppik

Or you have a little more time, and you’re feeling steampunky? This is a ready-to-go “glue some gears on it” costume start. Pair it with this steampunk skull helmet.

Teen Titans

Teen Titans Raven Cosplay Costume by whttigress

I’ve made a Raven belt. I can assure you–printing it is a better idea.

What are you printing for Halloween? Show us in the comments!

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