Celebrate National Ice Cream Month With My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream

MyMo Mochi  Image: MyMo Mochi
MyMo Mochi Image: MyMo Mochi

In 1984, President Ronald Reagan designated July as National Ice Cream month. Over the years, some of the flavors have earned their own day with July 22nd being Mango Day and July 23rd being Vanilla Ice Cream Day. My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream is a fun and unique way to celebrate this tradition with its ball of sugary goodness wrapped in a sweet rice dough that is the perfect summer snack coming in at only 110 calories per serving.

My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream comes in seven flavors including Mango, Strawberry, Green Tea, Cookies & Cream, Vanilla Bean, Double Chocolate, and Mint Chocolate Chip. Our flavor of choice is Double Chocolate, but if you’re a fan of Mango, I’ve heard it’s quite popular as well.

My son is the pickiest eater you will ever meet, so to say that when I got him to not only try one, but that he ate it and later went back to the freezer for more, is a testament that I’ll be keeping them stocked for a while. And with only 110 calories per serving, I’m okay with him grabbing one or two when he needs a snack.

The inside of a MyMo Mochi Ball  Image: Dakster Sullivan
The inside of a My/Mo Mochi Ball Image: Dakster Sullivan

While the texture was kind of a shock to my husband and me at first, the ice cream inside wasn’t bad. It was creamy and smooth with a less airy feel that you get from some of the other brands.

My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream is available nationally in the frozen aisle and self-serve mochi bars at select locations of Safeway, Whole Foods Market, Kroger, ShopRite, and more.

How do you plan to celebrate National Ice Cream Month? Let us know in the comments!

Disclaimer: GeekMom was given a review sample.

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