Using Books to Ignite Your Child’s Imagination

Using Books to Ignite Your Child's Imagination
Image source: Caitlin Fitzpatrick Curley

As a bookworm and homeschooling mom, I absolutely love a good read aloud. I always know I’ve picked a good one when my children reenact the book once the book has ended. Together, they travel to a world of play and imagination. The story fuels their interactions and sparks their creativity.

I thought it would be fun to share three of our family’s recent favorites. These read alouds are fairly new to us, and yet already well-worn. Each of these titles ignite creativity and imagination in my children. I hope your children love them too!

Using Books to Ignite Your Child’s Imagination

*Disclosure: I received A Dark, Dark Cave and The Magical Fantastical Fridge at no charge. I was not required to write a positive review and, as always, I only share resources that I would use with my own family.

Image source: Penguin Random House
Image source: Penguin Random House


A Dark, Dark Cave by Eric Hoffman

This is such an adorable book and every child out there can relate to it! At the beginning of the book, it appears that the characters are exploring a dark, dark cave. The text makes for a fantastically fun read aloud. Your children will be on the edges of their seats, waiting to see what the explorers will happen upon next. But then the cave exploration is interrupted when dad lifts the tablecloth and asks the kids to be quiet, as the baby is sleeping. Your children will be amazed at the characters’ imaginations and play and I guarantee they will want to make their own cave once you close this book’s cover!



Image source: Simon & Schuster
Image source: Simon & Schuster

Billy’s Booger: A Memoir by William Joyce

I love everything about this book! Billy’s Booger tells the true story of William Joyce’s very first book… and it didn’t win any prizes! I love that this is a memoir, I love that the original story is included, I love how much it makes my kids giggle, and I love how this book inspires them to write and create after we close its covers. (Plus, if you are the parent of a gifted, asynchronous kiddo like me, you will recognize Billy’s giftedness!)



Image source: Penguin Random House
Image source: Penguin Random House


The Magical Fantastical Fridge by Harlan Coben

Do you have a fantastically decorated fridge at home? Are the doors of your refrigerator covered with art, pictures, magnets, and memories? In this story, Walden’s mother asks him to help her prepare for another family dinner, but Walden doesn’t want to help. Suddenly, Walden is whisked away into the world that covers his refrigerator door. He travels through artwork, photographs, and magnets, meeting adventure along every step of the way! My 4-year-old cannot get enough of this book–I almost have it memorized!

Do you want to take the learning to the next level? Here are some fun games to spark creativity and imagination:

Enchanted Forest by Ravensburger

Fairytale Spinner Game by eeBoo

Rory’s Story Cubes

Tell Me a Story cards by eeBoo

Now, it’s your turn. Tell me: Are you using books to ignite your child’s imagination? What are your family’s favorites? Share here!


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