‘Dungeons & Dragons’ For People Who Don’t Play ‘Dungeons & Dragons’

Critical Role

Thanks to Twitch and YouTube, the world is suddenly a much smaller place. We can watch people go on vacation, open up boxes of toys, and give their reviews on just about anything you can think of. And yes, of course, play games.

But YouTube and Twitch aren’t just for video games: We can also get a look at some incredible tabletop games being played every week by a dedicated group of friends.

If you’ve ever wondered what Dungeons & Dragons is actually all about, or always wanted to play but you’re too shy to ever try in real life, these D&D groups are just for you. You’ll feel like you know the characters and people who play them as you gasp and laugh along with these entertaining groups.

Note: Young kids should probably not watch these D&D sessions along with you; many players tend to unleash profanity when things start to get hairy. Watch with kids at your own discretion.


D&Diesel With Vin Diesel

If you don’t want to commit to a video series, this 30 minute video with Vin Diesel (yes, Vin Diesel) playing with a group of voice actors is for you.

This is probably the highest-quality game of Dungeons & Dragons you can see played, with a group of seasoned voice actors and arguably one of the best Dungeon Masters out there, Matt Mercer.


A talented cast of actors join Game Master Wil Wheaton in this intriguing game of Titansgrave: The Ashes of Valkana. Ten episodes follow the party’s first adventure in this campaign created by Wheaton. The gorgeous artwork and fleshed-out characters can easily make Titansgrave your next obsession.

D20 Babes

D20 Babes is probably the most like “real life” of the D&D shows on this list, although with Rat Queens author Kurtis J. Wiebe as the Dungeon Master, you know this game is something special. Only a few episodes have debuted so far, so it won’t take you too long to catch up on their adventures. New episodes stream Monday nights on Twitch.

Critical Role

The D&D group that you will measure all future D&D groups against: The immensely entertaining adventurers who have dubbed themselves “Vox Machina.” Every Thursday night, the group embarks on a four-hour adventure for thousands of fans on Twitch.

This is one of Geek & Sundry‘s most popular shows, as the group of self-professed “nerdy-ass voice actors” play one of the best games of Dungeons & Dragons out there.

Disclaimer: I’m a contributing writer to Geek & Sundry, but started watching the shows in this list long before I started writing for the site. Opinions are my own.

Top image credit: Geek & Sundry

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