‘Fallout’: I Want Teenage Lois Lane to Be My BFF

© Switch Press / Capstone
© Switch Press / Capstone

You may have heard about the new DC Super Hero Girls media aimed at girls 6-12, but did you know DC Comics is also reaching out to the teen audience with a new YA novel?

Unlike Marvel’s foray into novels that featured adult superheroes looking for romance, DC Comics instead selected a young, non-powered protagonist to star in her own book. And I don’t think they could have made a better choice than Lois Lane.

In Lois Lane: Fallout, written by Gwenda Bond, Lois is 16 years old and starting school after yet another move to a new city. This time, she and her family have landed in Metropolis, and Lois is resolved to not cause trouble (again) at her new school. But when she sees a girl being bullied by a mysterious group on her first day at East Metropolis High, she can’t help but get involved. She might not have any friends yet in Metropolis, but she can count on her online friend SmallvilleGuy to help her crack the mystery behind the bullies.

Just the first chapter of Fallout told me that Bond gets Lois Lane. Lois is tenacious, fearless (or at least knows how to pretend to be), and never hesitates to do the right thing no matter how much trouble she might get in. Lois is likable and relatable, the perfect YA heroine, and I want her to be my BFF immediately.

Because of the age of the characters, I couldn’t help but picture the faces of Smallville, but this is more like the Smallville I always wanted. Here’s hoping that Bond continues the story of Lois Lane (and the secretive SmallvilleGuy) in more novels in the future.

Lois Lane: Fallout is a fast, engaging novel for readers of all ages, now available from Switch Press.

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