CLZ Comic Book App: An App Worth Its Weight In Books

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At $14.99, CLZ Comic Books is the most expensive app on my iPhone. It’s also the one that has saved me the most money at the comic book store.

I only started collecting comics two years ago, but in that time, I’ve amassed a humble collection of trades and monthly issues. It can be hard to keep track with what I’ve bought, read, and what I’m looking for at times. CLZ Comic Books helps me keep track of the books I have by keeping an inventory for me. Every time I pick up a new title, I scan the barcode with the app and it adds it to my collection. The app also gives me the option of adding a book to my wish list. This keeps my “wanting to read” and my “already bought” lists separate and easy to manage.

In the past, I found a book I didn’t think I had, only to get home and discover it on my shelf. This can get pricey if you pick up doubles of your graphic novels.

There are a few features of this app that I’m particularly fond of:

  • It Keeps Your Books Organized. After scanning books into your collection, you can organize them in folders by publisher, series, or whatever suits your fancy.
  • Barcode Scanning. The built-in barcode scanner helps you inventory your books quickly and efficiently. If the app finds more than one variation of the book, it will ask you which one you want to include.
  • Back Up. You can back up your database to the cloud in case you need to switch to a new device. This is nice because it protects the time you’ve spent organizing everything.
  • A Detailed View. For those who like to know all the details of their titles, CLZ will give you all the information you could ask for including writer, artist, issue plot, and characters.
  • Edit and Add Personal Notes. Once you enter in a book, you can edit the details to include personal information, such as condition, location, purchase price, rating, whether it’s been read or un-read, tags, and personal notes about the issue.

Even though the app costs $14.99 in iTunes, CLZ Comic Books has already saved me more than that when I’ve gone to purchase a book I already had.

If you collect comic books or are an avid reader in general, you should consider CLZ Comic Books and CLZ Books (for literary titles) for your organizational needs.

CLZ Comics is currently available in the iTunes store and works on iPhone, iPad, and iPod devices.

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