Playgrounds Are Better With Hot Lava

Hot Lava
Image: Redditor kloputzer2000

Playgrounds are one of the simple joys of childhood. There are slides and swings and all types of things to climb over and keep a kid busy for hours. If you’re really lucky, then your playground is also frequently visited by ice cream trucks. Sure, this may make Mom roll her eyes as she digs out a year’s salary to pay for a treat, but to a kid, it’s heaven.

The only thing that could make it better is the risk of imminent death in a pit of hot lava.

This photo was captured by Redditor kloputzer2000 proving that whoever designed this playground clearly gets that lava enhances the experience. Rather than forcing kids to come up with an elaborate scheme, they’ve actually posted directions for the “Hot Lava Survival Game” right on the equipment. It all starts with a climb over Block Mountain, followed by a treacherous journey across Wiggly Rock Ridge.

More obstacles follow with the final challenge requiring kids to “Zing over the hot lava on the trolley” with the caution to “Hold on tight!”

This is perhaps the greatest playground ever erected in the history of playgrounds. You can find it in Cascade Park in Seattle. I want to go there. I want to zing across the trolley. I also plan to let go in the middle, plummet into the wood chips hot lava and stage an epic death scene.

(via NerdApproved)

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