Sample Candy Japan package.

Subscription Box Review: Candy Japan

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Sample Candy Japan package.
Sample Candy Japan package. Good thing I took a picture because it’s all been devoured now.

Here’s the thing: I am crazy about Japanese candy. Ask GeekMom Kristen: Last time she made a trip to Tokyo, I all but pushed an empty suitcase on her. Fortunately we are complete kindred spirits in Candyland, and upon her return she loaded me up with all the sweets I crave but can’t get easily. Japan has Grapefruit Mentos, you guys. And craaaaazy flavors of KitKat. Pear! Purple Sweet Potato! Matcha-Green Tea! And–my absolute favorite, despite its unfortunate name–Calpis, little chewy yogurt-based candies that are to die for. Oh, and Puccho! Also chewy, with bizarre gummy bits and tiny, fizzy mini-candies embedded in them. It’s hard to go back to plain old Starburst after a Puccho encounter. (Oh how I suffer.)

So when I heard about Candy Japan, a twice-monthly subscription service bringing you THE MANY DELECTABLE CANDIES OF JAPAN, yeah, they had me at hello. And when I discovered that each shipment includes a description of all the candies, I was even more enthusiastic. That’s the one hitch with my penchant for foreign sweets: inscrutable labels. Sometimes you find yourself chomping down on what you thought was going to be lemon and it turns out to be flavored with fishpaste. (True story.)

Squid-flavored candy is where I draw the lline
Squid-flavored treat, now with more fishpaste! Image source: Candy Japan.

To make sure you know what you’re sinking your teeth into, Candy Japan emails you a brief and entertaining description of each item: Gokigen Yogurt: Strangely packaged sheets of something soft and white. Tearing one open you can find a new way to enjoy yogurt.”

(More yogurt candy! Confectioners of Japan, you complete me.)

The company is run by a young couple who thought up this brilliant way to share their favorite sweets with foreign friends. Bemmu and Nachi sent me pictures of their homegrown operation–cartons and cartons of candy overtaking their little flat. Twice a month, they mail subscribers as much candy as will fit in a standard Japanese envelope. (See example above.) If you’re looking for a unique gift for someone with a sweet tooth (like, say, me), Candy Japan is a scrumptious choice.

Price: $25/month. Each month includes two envelopes full of candy.

Review sample provided by Candy Japan.

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  1. That looks so awesome! I love the many candies of England. Less squid, but so yummy.

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