I Help – A Toddler’s View of Cleaning

She love to clean! Image: Mandy Horetski

Cleaning can be a chore, but having a helpful toddler can make the process a little more challenging.

My little girl has decided that she wants to help with just about ever aspect of daily life. She looks up at me with her big brown eyes and declares, “I help!”

I do try and let her help as much as I can, since I know it will teach her good skills for the future. She’s very good at putting trash in the trash can, and picking up some of her toys.

But I was folding towels and she decided she wanted to help. Her folding technique was comprised of pushing the towel into a ball and then trying to add it to my neat piles.

I ended up just giving her the folded towels to put in the appropriate pile, which she was happy to do. Then she insisted on helping put them away which involved me having to hold her up so she could stuff the towels into the closet. It was actually quite cute.

Even though it does take extra time to get chores done this way, it is teaching her good skills. So I’ll continue to let her help as long as she wants to. And do any cleaning that I don’t want her to help with while she’s asleep!


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