Small Cons vs Big Cons

Big cons have the big names, but small cons have perks too. I've had good and bad experiences at both. You?

Would You Stay in a <em>Frozen</em>-Themed Room Made of Ice and Snow?

Quebec City's Hôtel de Glace has added a limited-time attraction that's fit for a Disney princess.

A Children’s Music Garden in an Industrial Land

Using recycled industrial canisters to make a music garden.

Interview: Running a Kid’s Track at a Geek Convention

What does it take to run a kid's programming track at a convention, one that keeps a multitude of kids entertained and engaged?

How to Geek a 5K

Last weekend I ran my second 5k. The first time, three years ago, I ran by myself. This time I ran it with one of my best friends, which made the race even better. Know what will make it superb next year? Costumes.

Butterfingers! Part Two: Road Testing iPad Covers

No iPads were harmed in the writing of this post.

Food Allergy Cards for International Travel

Laminated cards that explain your (or your child's) food allergies in a wide variety of languages.


GeekMom Andrea goes ziplining.

Crushproof, Waterproof, Teenproof: Pelican ProGear S130 Photo Backpack

GeekMom reviews a backpack designed for laptop and photo gear.

Silver Ball Museum Arcade

While on vacation on the Jersey Shore, my family and I checked out the Silver Ball Museum Arcade in Asbury Park. It was clean, well-lit, and you paid $10 an hour for unlimited play on dozens and dozens of pinball ...