Wondercon Highlights Part 1


With San Francisco’s Moscone Center under renovation, WonderCon moved to Anaheim this year—and seemed to bring a bit of the Bay Area’s rain and chill wind along with it. We shivered our way between hotel and convention center, dodging clusters of purple-eyeshadowed cheerleaders who were competing in a tournament in the next hall over. Here are a few of the things that caught my attention

Music Week: Music Awards Results Announced!

Thank you to all of our readers who voted in the GeekMom Music Awards. As the week comes to a close and the hardcore fans have spoken, it’s time to announce our winners! Best geeky song of all time: Still Alive by Jonathan Coulton. Also nominated were: The Man They Call Jayne (Adam Baldwin) The Captain’s Wife’s Lament (Paul and Storm) The Saga Begins (Weird Al)