A Day in the Life of a GeekMom Actor


Most days, GeekMom Melody is a stay-at-home mom. Other days, she’s a working actor. Follow a day in her life, from the set of a commercial.

Cutting the Cord: Yes or No?

Bill Hendrickson is contemplating taking his Viagra through my Apple TV. I'm trying out Apple TV's mirror capability, so we can watch Amazon Prime video on our TV complete with audio! As cool as this is, are we ready to cut the cable? Photo: Patricia Vollmer

GeekMom Patricia and her family are about the cut the cable cord. Are they ready for the revolution in how to watch television?

Make Your Date with Jon Stewart


Living in New York City, we try to make the most of what the city has to offer. We hit the museums often, try out new restaurants when we can, and take in the occasional Broadway show. One thing that never occurs to us to do is go see a taping of a TV show, except for that one time I went with a group

Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind: The Attention Span Of A Toddler


When my son was born we swore we wouldn’t use a pacifier. On the second night in hospital, after nursing for two hours straight and 18 hours without a nap (me that is), we heeded the nurse’s words “It’s okay to use a pacifier you know.” Those four hours of sleep were so worth it. When he became inter-active a short while later, we swore

Happy 45th Anniversary, Star Trek


Once upon a time, there lived a man. This man was a dreamer. This man had hopes and visions of a better future, a future built upon true equality and mutual respect. This man’s name was Gene Roddenberry. Gene had an idea. He wanted to share his dream and his ideals. The way he did this was through a television series called Star Trek. However,

Explore the Wonders of The Universe


    Almost exactly one year ago, a new documentary series made its debut on BBC Two. Wonders of The Solar System, presented by the then relatively unknown Professor Brian Cox with whom I share a hometown, captured the imagination of the nation and launched Cox as a new star in the world of popular science. Since the show’s debut, this new celebrity scientist has