Steampunk Comes to the Wild West

Steampunk lovers in West Texas and Southern New Mexico are representing the genre well.

The Cliffs of Insanity: Will Things Change for Women in Comics?

Once again we're talking about women in comics. Why? Because I'll keep talking about it until things actually change. In personal news, my family went to New York City to tape a segment for the Nickelodeon show, ...

Halloween Make Up Tips

You don't need a full-blown costume to make a splash on Halloween, just a good make up artist. Connecticut artist Makeup by CG provides GeekMom with some tips and tricks.

Disneyland’s Steampunk Land That Almost Was

When you think of steampunk, Disneyland is probably not the first thing that comes to mind, but did you know that there were plans back in the 1970s for new land which would have incorporated steampunk themes and ...

Paint a Steampunk Driveway

If you have a few days without rain, lots of paint, and some imagination, you can paint your driveway and make it very obvious how geeky your family is!

June Steampunk Block of the Month: Octopus

I wanted this thing to be a mix of Victorian biology sketch and something that Lovecraft would suggest might be waiting to devour your soul...

Handcrafted Steampunk USB Drives!

Steampunk USB drives add a little bit of pizazz to any office.

May Block of the Month: A Steampunk Raygun

May is almost over, but not without a May block of the month! This month has a crazy ray weapon.

How to Make Your Own Steampunk Goggles

Want to turn a cheap pair of welding goggles into a pair of steampunk goggles? It's the must-have steampunk accessory. Like a little black dress, only awesomer.

Take a Look at the Lego Steampunk Kit

In July, Lego will launch the Level 4 Master Builder Academy "Invention Designer" set. The steampunk-themed line features three kits with 13 builds.