Building the Future with <em>Lego Space</em>

Is there a better way to learn about space than through Lego?

11-Year-Old Writes a Book About Space – and It’s Good!

Walter Levin's The Kid Who Went to the Moon fulfills every kid’s fantasy in more ways than one.

OSIRIS-REx, an asteroid mission lead by professor Dante Lauretta at the University of Arizona, will carry your name into space!

Geeky States of America: Maine’s Scale Model of Planet Earth

Explore the Earth in Maine, from a view that can't be beat: DeLorme's large scale replica of our planet.

Astronauts Are Moms Too

Dr. Karen Nyberg returned from six months on the International Space Station to her fellow-astronaut husband and their three-year-old son.

Meet <em>Grace from Outer Space</em>

This Kickstarter campaign to create a book to "get young girls interested in astronomy, science, and technology" has just a few days left for funding.

This week, we take a peek at projects that can blast you into space, create jobs, and form someone's future.

<em>Gravity</em> is Gripping!

Me to Firstborn Son: Um. You need to sit next to me. Immediately. Him (sitting next to me immediately): I sense this is important. Me: I need to show you the trailer for the new Cuaron movie: Gravity. Him: Cuaron? ...

Gorgeous E-book Of Your Home, Free

You live in a place more beautiful than you can see with the naked eye. Want to see more? NASA can help.

Dragon*Con starts in just nine short days. I recommend going to just about every geek I meet, especially at this time of year when my life is consumed by furious last-minute costuming. Since the people I interact ...