A Steven Thomas Designed T-Shirt at Ript Apparel, Saturday Only!

What would Ben Kenobi do to make money on Tatooine? I mean, he was a hermit, but he had to get money to eat somehow, right? And to keep his robes mended and Luke’s light saber in good, working order?

Tomorrow, Saturday, November 19th, a T-shirt is for sale at Ript Apparel that will answer this question. The T-shirt aims to explain what old Ben was up to, when it wasn’t dodging sandpeople. The bad news is that it is for sale for one day only. The good news is that it only costs $10. The shirts come in various regular T-shirt sizes, as well as being available in hoodie form, kid sizes, and even onesies.

The shirt is only on sale on Saturday, so don’t miss your chance to get this original design! It is done by Steven Thomas, artist of some magnificent space posters available on Zazzle. I have been drooling over these posters for years, and have longed to decorate my house with them ever since. I’m pleased to see that he’s still at it, creating geeky art for us all to buy.

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5.11 Tactical Makes Sturdy, Quality Goods

GeekMom’s newest sponsor, 5.11 Tactical, maker of a wide variety of tactical equipment, sent me a few of their products to test. They sent the Women’s Tactical Pants, the women’s short sleeved Tactical Polo, the Tac Dry Rain Shell, and the COVRT18 Backpack. I was in a pretty good position to test them all since I was able to take them on our long summer road trip.

A general review of the four products is that they all performed fantastically. The materials are durable, the seams are strong, and the (YKK) zippers can take a lot of abuse. Product pricing is very reasonable for what you get. For details on each product individually, visit the 5.11 Tactical website where you can find many more details, including (sometimes lengthy) product videos. For my take, keep reading!

Women's Tactical Pants. Photo: 5.11 Tactical

Women’s Tactical Pants

Pants are a tricky business for women. We’re all built a little bit differently. I have a hard time finding pants made for women that fit me. Usually the waist is too tight, or the hips and legs are too baggy. So I often make due with men’s pants. But I was pleasantly surprised that 5.11 Tactical’s Women’s Tactical Pants fit my proportions perfectly. Made from 100% 8.5 ounce cotton tactical canvas, they are comfortable, sturdy, and survive a lot of abuse. In short, they are fantastic. The waist is partially elastic, which makes for a better fit for more women. This has had the side effect, though, of sometimes causing me to have to pull them back up when I bend (or perhaps I should have just ordered the next size down). The pants have seven pockets, including two side pockets on the legs, and a special Cordura lined pocket perfect for a cell phone or similarly shaped item. The knees have a double layer of fabric, ideal for knee pad inserts, such as 5.11 Tactical’s Neoprene ones. The pants have a D-ring to clip things to, slash rear pockets, front pockets, and a double layered seat. There is a strangely placed button in the zipper area that I have yet to figure out the purpose for. There is also a handle on the back right of the pants that is meant for attaching items, but I discovered that it is also perfect for kids to grab on to when in a crowd, helping them stay close. I like these pants so much that I would buy more for myself, and definitely some for my husband, who wears through things a lot faster than I do.

Women's Tactical Polo. Photo: 5.11 Tactical

Women’s Short Sleeved Tactical Polo

How is a simple polo shirt considered tactical? I wondered the same thing. I was also a hard sell on these shirts, because I’ve been biased against polo shirts since the 1970s. However, the first time I put it on, I quickly realized how comfortable and flattering this particular polo shirt was. Cut for actual, regular women, these shirts are feminine without being at all clingy. Perfect for me. And if I ever need to hide a microphone on my person, this is the shirt I’ll wear! The shirt is 100% cotton jersey with a taped neck and shoulders. It washes up nicely, including in the dryer. It’s a good shirt for when you want to be comfortable but look somewhat professional. And here comes the tactical part: There are pen slots on the left shoulder, and microphone pockets at both shoulders and at the bottom of the button placket. For the perfect tactical ensemble, pair with the Tactical Pants, above.

COVRT18 Backpack. Photo: 5.11 Tactical

COVRT18 Backpack

I own a Tardis. My very own Tardis. It’s called the COVRT18 Backpack. It is bigger on the inside. I swear. Of all the 5.11 Tactical products, this one got the most love and abuse on our trip. It was the bag that I carried with me almost every day. It held my iPad, netbook, purse, travel documents, sunscreen, snacks, drinks, and dozens of other things, all at the same time. Its design kept my neck and back happy, and the extreme weight of the contents was only noticeable when my feet started hurting earlier than usual. The backpack has so many secret stash spots that I kept losing my items within the backpack. I forgot which pocket I would put something in. I lost track of how many pockets this bag has. It has an upper, fleecy “sunglasses” pocket (also great for small electronics), a padded internal laptop sleeve, two side water bottle pockets, several pockets that have side access, large pockets, small pockets, and, interestingly, a reinforced “flat stuff” pocket (my words, not theirs) that is hidden behind the shoulder straps. You can only really get to it if you take off the pack. It’s a great spot to keep things mostly flat. The shoulder straps are very well padded, and there is a sternum strap to help with weight distribution. The top has a nice grab handle, and the sides have fasteners to cinch the bag down if it isn’t terribly full. I love this backpack, and it worked very well for my trip. When I wasn’t staying at someone’s house, I felt that I needed to carry all of my valuables with me. And I did. And the bag was heavy, but carrying it around all day wasn’t a burden. This bag seems to be intended to use in the urban jungle, to have a lot of functionality while blending in with everyone else. But it is a great product for anyone who needs a durable bag with many different kinds of pockets. Check out 5.11 Tactical’s website for their other tactical backpacks as well.

Tac Dry Rain Shell. Photo: 5.11 Tactical

Tac Dry Rain Shell

It didn’t rain nearly as much on our summer trip as I had assumed it would. You would think, summer, east coast, humidity, that means lots of rain. But no. We actually were quite fortunate to miss all but a few large rain storms. The Tac Dry Rain Shell got a lot of use in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin, area, though, early on in our trip. It was cool, humid, and very rainy during our visit to that part of the country. I wore the rain shell every day for a week. It is completely waterproof, and kept me quite dry. The hood doesn’t cover as much of my head as I’d like, but the rest performed very well. There is a bit more to the jacket than just a mere shell, so it doubles as a light jacket when it doesn’t need to protect you from the rain. The Tac Dry Rain Shell has two side pockets, and the removable hood rolls into the collar. There is an adjustable cord at the waist to block out the wet (and cold, if present). The rain shell is made of micro ripstop fabric and has an incredibly nice feel to it. It doesn’t feel like a rain coat at all. It just feels like a light coat that happens to also be waterproof. Dedicated rain coats are fairly impractical where I live, since it rarely rains. A jacket such as this that does double duty as a light layer and a rain coat is perfect.

To get the most out of tactical clothing and gear, you don’t need to live a rough life. I live a pretty cushy life, physically, and still have gotten a lot of use out of all the products that I have tried. As long as you have a desire or need for durable, quality clothing and gear, and/or a need for many pockets, you’ll get the most out of 5.11 Tactical products. I highly recommend them.

Note: I’m not just giving these products a good review because they are our sponsor. I really and truly like their stuff. It is all quality and utilitarian, and it looks good.

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ThinkGeek Kids Electronic Rock Guitar Shirt: This One Goes to 11!

Photo: ThinkGeek

One of the more popular shirts for adults at ThinkGeek, their Electronic Rock Guitar Shirt, is now available for kids! The shirts are short sleeved, but don’t let that stop you from rocking out this winter. (You can always wear a long sleeved shirt underneath, preferably white, black, red, yellow, or orange, to match the shirt.)

A guitar in a shirt? you ask, quizzically. Why yes. It’s all very ingenious. Your first thought may be, as mine was, how do you wash the thing? No worries there. The guitar neck is attached to the shirt with hook and loop closures. The amp is connected by a cable, which is also removable. Then hand wash or machine wash cold on gentle cycle. Hang dry or tumble dry low. Then reconnect everything, and rock out some more!

The itty bitty amp runs on four AAA batteries (not included). It has an on/off switch, an output jack, and tone and volume dials. It can fit into a sewn-in pocket inside the shirt, or there is also a clip on the amp for clipping to your belt or pocket.

To play, press down on certain parts of the neck and then strum. No just touching the thing, you need to actually firmly press down. It took me a little while to get the hang of it, but of course I was playing the thing without wearing it, since the shirt is for kids. There are two magnetic guitar “picks” that you use to strum while you use your left hand to make power chords on the neck of the guitar. They conveniently store magnetically stuck to the amp speaker.

Photo: ThinkGeek

The shirt will play 15 different chords, which should be enough to play your favorite songs. These chords are mapped out for you on the shirt’s packaging. I don’t know how to play guitar, but the ease with which you can play chords on this shirt might just have me figure out a few songs. Of course, it’ll be easier for my kids, who can actually wear the shirt. For reference, we received a kids’ size L, which is a good fit for my lean but muscular 9 1/2 year old daughter.

And lest you worry, yes, the volume knob does actually go to 11. But the shirt is not just hip and cool. It was also awarded 2010’s Good Housekeeping Best Toy Award!

The Kids Electronic Rock Guitar Shirt costs $29.99 and is available at ThinkGeek. Their Electronic Rock Guitar Shirt for adults also costs $29.99. Either one would make an excellent last minute holiday gift purchase!

If you want to get a whole band together, you can do that, too! ThinkGeek also has an adult Electronic Music Synthesizer Shirt, and both kid and adult Electronic Drum Kit Shirts!

Note: ThinkGeek was kind enough to send me a shirt (and batteries) for review purposes.

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GeekMom T-shirts, Now Available at ThinkGeek!

me-GeekMom-shirt-475x509We here at GeekMom are proud and excited to announce that GeekMom T-shirts are now available for purchase at ThinkGeek! The shirts have our zippy space-age car logo, in slightly less varied colors (due to printing restrictions), and our URL on the back. The shirts come in black, cut for women but still generous in fit. (ThinkGeek notes on the website that the cut is the same as for their “Huge Tracts of Land” T-shirt, if that’s any indication.)

Demonstrate your geek pride and show your solidarity with other GeekMoms out there. Get your own GeekMom T-shirt! (And while you’re there, get the GeekDad in your life his own GeekDad T-shirt, which is currently on sale.)

Heroine T-shirts From ThinkGeek Will Inspire Women and Men Alike

Photo: ThinkGeek

Because of the way much of history has been written, we know about plenty of historical geeky men. From Copernicus to Kepler to Sagan, from Newton to Einstein to Feynman, and from Babbage to Wozniak, men are very well represented. Well, it is finally time for us women to promote the many geeky gals throughout history. Since women haven’t had the same opportunities in education and professions in history, the odds historically were never in our favor (until recently). But fortunately, the ones we do know about are stupendous examples of the brilliant female mind.

Photo: ThinkGeek

ThinkGeek, one of our valued sponsors, has three fairly new T-shirts displaying the awesomeness that is a few of these women. The T-shirts caught my eye months ago when I first spotted them in the ThinkGeek catalog that came in the mail. Each highlights a woman important in a different branch of history.

Ada Lovelace (1815-1852) is often thought of as the first computer programmer. Mary Shelley (1797-1851) wrote Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus. Marie Curie (1867-1934) is famous for her work with radioactivity, and was the first person ever awarded two Nobel Prizes. All three women accomplished a lot, but all died younger than one would have hoped.

The art on these shirts is what drew me to them in the first place. The images are beautiful and detailed, showing each geek heroine in her element. The shirts are cut for women and run small. Order the next size up. They are thin and clingy.

Photo: ThinkGeek

For you men out there who also appreciate geeky heroines, though, don’t fret. ThinkGeek also has heroine shirts in men’s sizes and shapes, in slightly different colors.

Visit ThinkGeek’s site today to get more information on these shirts and other amazing products. See customer action shots, read their blog, and find some Timmy Monkey Goodness.

Note: ThinkGeek did send me one of each of the shirts for women, but with no agreement or assumption that I would review them. I’m doing so because I like the shirts so much.

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