Little Boy Sees <em>Star Wars</em> for the First Time, Completely Loses It

Watch a little boy completely lose his 3-year-old mind on seeing Star Wars for the first time.

Upcoming Reading for 2015

'Tis the season for looking at what books will be published in the coming year!

<em>They</em> Wrote Science Fiction?

In celebration of National Reading Month, here are some of the "lesser-known" science-fiction writers who did pretty well in other genres.

Tesse-whatsit? The Science-ish of Tesseracts in Science Fiction

The idea of a tesseract has been used in fiction quite a bit since the term was coined---can you believe it?---in 1888. Here are a few examples.

10 Questions With Award-Winning Science Fiction Editor Sheila Williams

Is the award-winning editor of one of science fiction's top magazines a geek or a nerd? Join us as Sheila Williams of Asimov's answers ten GeekMom questions.

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The outcome of the Women Destroy Science Fiction campaign will blow your mind.

Women Destroy Science Fiction! This Kickstarter Will Wreck Everything!

Women Destroy Science Fiction, an all-women double-issue coming in June from Lightspeed Magazine, got Kickstarter-funded in under 24 hours. But they're not done yet! Here's what you can do to help destroy even more ...

Green Tara: Sci-Fi Eco Adventure

Ecology gets a space-adventure for young adults in a new book by K.H. Brower. Green Tara: A Bosque Family Adventure is set in a future where Earth can no longer sustain life.. Can one girl change that and bring ...

Get Creative! Win Money! Inspire Science!

Write a science-fiction story or comic, or create a new chemistry set. New competitions award your creativity and love of science!

Ten Questions with Award-Winning Science Fiction and Fantasy Author Mur Lafferty

The Campbell Award for Best New Writer is given annually to one author who has published his or her first professional work within the past two years.