’s Mobile App School Search Feature: Godsend for Parents

The iPhone app was incredibly helpful to my family during our recent trip to Colorado to choose a new house. Image:

About 10 days prior to our trip to buy a new house in Colorado last week, I found out about an update for the mobile app service that I’ve relied on to send me customized search results for the areas in which we’re looking to live. This update would make to be the first mobile real estate search capability to fully integrate school information in their app.

Bully, the Movie


Not long after my children returned to public school after two-and-a-half years of homeschooling, it started. At this point, my older son was in 8th grade and so gym meant changing in a locker room with the other kids in his class. A couple of his peers developed a habit of coming up behind my son while he was changing, cupping his chest, and informing

Kari Byron, Mythbuster Mom: Preschool Hustle


I am writing another $50 check, to another preschool … just for the chance to have my application reviewed. The more I think about this game, the more it feels like a grift. I show up to a potential preschool along with a dozen other mommies and daddies to compete for a spot that may actually not exist. We’re all trying to look like the

I Want To Be A GeekMom When I Grow Up


Last night my husband (Tim) and daughter (VIP) went to her Spring program which was the grand finale to her last day in pre-school. They brought home a huge keepsake packet to let me peruse through which included everything from a “report card”  to art projects. When I had finally reached the bottom of the never-ending stack of finger-painted animals and seasonal decorations, I came to several sheets

For New Books to Read, Go Local


One of the things I love about local bookstores, such as one of my haunts, Longfellow Books in Portland Maine, is that they highlight local work. So when an author who lives nearby comes out with a new book, I can usually find a decent interview in the local press, a signed copy of the book from any of the local stores, and even, on

On Raising Boys Who Read


My boys are voracious readers. Sometimes I’ve even been tempted to make them put the books down and do something else. Anything else. A friend of mine tells me that this is a good problem to have. Her son, the same age as my youngest, won’t pick up a book to save his life. “How do you do it?” she asks. She’s not the only

GeekMom Debate: My Kids Hated School. So We Dropped Out (Temporarily).


Welcome to the first edition of GeekMom Debate! GeekMoms are nothing if not opinionated, so we’re giving them a chance to present different sides of the same topic. For another take on the question of dealing with kids who hate school, read Alisson Clark’s post My Kid Hates School. I’m (Mostly) OK with That. As an adult, I am a good student. I had a