Choose Your Own Adventure in <em>Fantasy Life</em>

If you prefer fighting, magic using, crafting, or gathering, there's a Life for you in this new Nintendo 3DS game.

Gaming for Kids: Dragon Con Kaleidoscope Track Game Tips for Families

Need some new ideas for gaming with the family? The Dragon Con Kaleidoscope track served up suggestions for both on- and offline gaming, and we're passing them on to you.

What Your RPG Character Says About You

Does a six foot four, grumpy, Scottish warrior reflect my actual personality, or what I wish I could be? What does your role-playing choices say about your life?

Shouldst Thou Gets to a Theatre for <em>Knights of Badassdom</em>?

There are just a few chances still around to see Knights of Badassdom in a theater. Is it worth it?

<em>Ever, Jane</em>: An Austen-Inspired Virtual Game

Imagine an online RPG held in the Regency era of Jane Austen. Check out this Kickstarter.

<em>Accursed RPG</em> Kickstarter Launches on Friday the 13th, 2013

The Accursed RPG launches on Kickstarter on Friday the 13th with witches and monsters in a world overrun by evil.

ConnectiCon: Gamin’ and Art

ConnectiCon 2013 was filled with epic RPGs, cosplay, dancing, and lots of art!

Venture Into the World of the <em>Mistborn Adventure Game</em>

The Mistborn Aventure Game, developed by Crafty Games, is based on the Mistborn trilogy written by Brandon Sanderson.

Meet Our Sponsor: Check Out BPAL’s RPG Scents

A look at BPAL's RPG line. Align your scent!

After signing myself up for Glitch, I decided to let my kids develop characters of their own (under my e-mail addresses and with my close supervision). Over the weekend my oldest son took a trip to the dark side of ...