A DIY Mid-Century Medieval Guest Room Upgrade

With two kids, a dog, and space at a general premium, having a guest room has never been an easy task for our growing family. We’ve made some sad attempts over the years to accommodate visitors, including a futon ...

Cruisin’ Alabama in the 2015 Hyundai Sonata

I spent some time behind the wheel of the 2015 Hyundai Sonata at its launch in Montgomery, Alabama and got to know the car, and Hyundai, a little better.

Get <em>Wired</em> for the Latest From Recess Monkey

Recess Monkey's eleventh studio album is bursting with peppy tracks to inspire the maker (and dancer) in you.

Everyone Should Meet <em>The Shadow Hero</em>

The Shadow Hero is a graphic novel with ties to the history of comics, racism, and the duality of first generation Americans, in an entertaining format that young YA and up will enjoy.

Review: <em>Wordsearch!</em>

Wordsearch! by Goliath Games is a fun, family-friendly game. Check out our review!

<em>This One Summer</em>: Beauty In Realism

This One Summer is a new graphic novel by Mariko and Jillian Tamaki. It is a YA book that transcends the genre into where most adult novelists wish they could go: honest and nuanced characters in that familiar world ...

Review: <em>Muppets Most Wanted</em>

When asking see it, stream it, or forget it, Muppets Most Wanted is an emphatic "see it"!

Review: <em>Adventure Time: The Complete Third Season</em>

If you're a fan of the Cartoon Network series, you'll be excited to know that the Season 3 DVD set is out now!

Product Review: WeatherFlow Wind Meter for iOS and Android

This smartphone anemometer device is inexpensive, rugged, and perfect for those who require timely, accurate wind measurements for their favorite outdoor activities.

Book Review: <em>Ex-Purgatory</em> Is a Welcomed Addition to the <em>Ex</em> Series

Ex-Purgatory: A Novel by Peter Clines is the fourth installment in Clines’ Ex series. It’s a solid read and very welcomed addition to one of my favorite series.