International Scratch Day: Saturday, May 17!

Do your kids Scratch? Nope, this isn't a medical question. Scratch is a free programming language developed for kids.

The Return of <em>Robot Turtles</em>

If you missed your chance to get in the original Kickstarter, this is your opportunity to get your young learners on the path to programming.

Participate in Hour of Code to help reach the goal of introducing 10 million students of all ages to programming. All it takes is one hour.

GeekMom Bit by Bit: <em>RoboMind</em> Teaches Text Editor-Based Programming to Kids

RoboMind is a no-prerequisite-required introduction to programming, where the objective is to create programs that allow a robot to perform certain tasks.

<em>Robot Turtles</em>: Programming for Preschoolers

Dan Shapiro devised a board game that he and his four-year-old children can play together.

Kids Program Video Games With <em>Kodu for Kids</em>

New book Kodu for Kids will systematically teach your kids how to program with Microsoft's Kodu.

Lego Mindstorm EV3 Available September 1

We finally, finally have a date. The retail version of the EV3 will ship on September 1 for a price of $349, but if you shop around online, you may be able to pre-order sometime this month.

Motherboards and Daughtercards: Build a Computer With Your Kid

So when our ancient PC stopped working this winter, I knew that I wasn't going to build another computer. She was.

Give Kids <cite>Arduino Adventures</cite>

Arduino Adventures: Escape from Gemini Station is a great introduction to Arduino robotics projects for kids (and adults who want an easy starting point.) The book was written by James Floyd Kelly and Harold Timmis ...

Review: Python for Kids

Python for Kids is a book from No Starch Press that aims to teach kids ages 10 and up and their parents about the Python programming language. I happen to have an 11 year old daughter for convenient review purposes, ...