<em>Dragons and Hot Sauce</em>: Poems, Cuteness, and an Interview With the Creators

Do you like dragons? Hot sauce? Bigfoot? These guys wrote a bunch of poems about such things; you may need to check it out!

Get In the “Misty Mountains” Spirit

Anyone who has seen The Hobbit remembers that scene in Bilbo's house when the dwarves start singing that low, gorgeous song. It's called "Misty Mountains," and by listening and singing along, we're getting ready for ...

Poetry Geeks Suggest Poetry-Infused Movies

Celebrate National Poetry Month with our poetry-infused movie suggestions.

Lemony Snicket Chooses Poetry for <em>Poetry Magazine</em>

Lemony Snicket chooses and comments on 19 poems for the current issue of Poetry Magazine.

History Geek: 1930s Week

Swing dancing! The creation of Superman! Adagio for Strings! Radio Plays! Migrant Mother photojournalism! Heath bars! The Wizard of Oz! Monopoly! Last week I directed a summer camp all about America during the 1930's.

National Poetry Month is almost over, but you can make poetry a part of your day year-round. Here are five simple suggestions for fitting poems into your busy schedule: 1. Visit the Writer’s Almanac. Better ...

We thought it would be fun to wind up National Poetry Month with some of the Geek Moms’ favorite poets and poetry. My own memories of poetry are quite early. My mother lived in Los Angeles and my father lived ...