“You Have to F*cking Eat” Is Funny Because It’s True

Getting your kids to eat right is the perennial challenge of being a parent, and now it's been turned into a humorous not-for-kids children's book.

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danah boyd's nuanced treatise on teens use of social media was 8 years and 160 interviews in the making--and something every parent should read.

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Is there something in yourself you wish you could change? Did your kids inherit this trait too? Sometimes the difference between negative and positive is only a matter of perspective.

Reaching Your Dreams With Your Kids By Your Side

Olympian Noelle Pikus-Pace shows all moms (and dads) that even on days when you're changing diapers, you can still fight to make your dreams come true.

How <em>Voyager</em> Got Me Through It All

The only time I stood up to my bullying stepfather was about Star Trek.

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The geeky kids of New York Comic Con stole my heart this year!

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A few weeks ago, I created a survey about which character traits do we most want to instill in our children. Our readers took the survey, can you guess the results?

Do You Randomly Gender-Swap Characters in Kids Books?

If the characters in a book are all depicted as boys, we sometimes swap the genders around when we're reading the stories out loud.

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Looking to share a grand adventure with fellow families in your galaxy? These are the Geeklings and Parental Units you have been looking for!