NYCC’s Batman Promotional Poster

DC Comics' promotional poster for New York Comic Con featuring the Dark Knight.

The Search for Kids’ Comics at NYCC

While we were able to come home with a few gems, New York Comic Con was lacking in comics for kids this year.

New York Comic Con Has Changed…In a Good Way

Five years ago I went to NYCC for their first kids day. I was not impressed. This year, my mind was changed about the whole convention.

The Geek Kids Of New York Comic Con

The geeky kids of New York Comic Con stole my heart this year!

ComiXology: The Changing Face of Comic Book Readers

ComiXology has much that's new in time for NYCC: new partnerships, new sales, and even a new kind of reader.

Grumpy Catbus is Out of Service

You need this print mashup of Grumpy Cat and My Neighbor Totoro.