’s Mobile App School Search Feature: Godsend for Parents

The iPhone app was incredibly helpful to my family during our recent trip to Colorado to choose a new house. Image:

About 10 days prior to our trip to buy a new house in Colorado last week, I found out about an update for the mobile app service that I’ve relied on to send me customized search results for the areas in which we’re looking to live. This update would make to be the first mobile real estate search capability to fully integrate school information in their app.

Creating Tiny Libraries Everywhere


You can’t have too much of a good thing, unless you’re averse to bliss. One of life’s Very Good Things, in my book (pun!) is the library. There’s a movement afoot to augment our public libraries with other ways of spreading bookish goodwill. This doesn’t just get books into more hands, it actually builds positive networks between people and strengthens our communities.   Roaming Libraries