Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2014!


Mother’s Day is May 11th and to help you get some of your shopping done, we’ve come up with our top picks of items we think your mom will love. From the book worm to the technology lover, we have something for every mom on this list.

Blue to Pink: The Magic Chemistry of Violet Flower Tea


Make violet flower tea, which is blue. Add lemon juice and it turns pink! Why? My daughter made me this beautiful and magical drink for Mother’s Day, but then her chemistry teacher made her figure out why the color change happened. It’s anthocyanins (but still magical.)

Why GeekMoms Rock!

Geek Mom Book, Natania Barron, Jenny Williams, Corrina Lawson

When you’re a woman you’re supposed to be grateful for crumbs. I don’t want crumbs anymore I want the whole cake and the icing too.
—Billie Jean King 2005

Enter To Win a Samsung Galaxy Note II

Samsung Galaxy Note II, Image: Samsung

Just in case you’re not sure you’re going to get exactly what you want this Mother’s Day, enter our Samsung Galaxy Note II giveaway and win yourself the perfect gift.

How A New Mother’s Day Tradition Healed My Heart


I love that Mother’s Day comes along in the spring. Not only does it give my kids a chance to get me something that I’ll love all summer long (they usually fill my flower beds for me, the gift that keeps on giving!), it’s a time of renewal and optimism. The only real problem is, I’ve not always been able to enjoy this holiday. From

What to Get Your GeekMom for Mother’s Day

Here it is, the definitive GeekMom Mother’s Day shopping guide. I surveyed my fellow GeekMoms to see what everyone most wanted for Mother’s Day, outside of the lovely pleasantries of nice meals cooked for us, time spent with our adorable children, and moments of solitude. This is our list, and chances are there’s something on it for the GeekMom in your family. The Sims Medieval