Five Favorite Geeky Romantic Moments

Romatic Moments © Sophie Brown

Our favorites might not be known for their romance but there are some stunningly romantic moments in sci-fi, fantasy, & other nerd genres.

There’s a Lot to See–Plan Your Summer Movie Schedule Now


As I sat through a half-hour of trailers at The Hunger Games this past weekend, I realized how many geektastic movies are coming out this summer that I’m going to want to see. Seriously. It’s absolute madness how many geek-appealing movies are crammed into the next few months. I’m already behind, having not yet seen John Carter or Mirror Mirror yet. And since it’s not

My Top Ten Tear-Jerking Moments in Science Fiction


Traditionally, science-fiction revolves around action rather than drama, humour rather than tragedy. Whilst deaths are commonplace in a genre filled with space battles and horrifying creatures, truly emotional moments are much harder to come by, but that’s not to say they do not exist: far from it. Below is my personal top ten tear-jerking moments in science-fiction, I’ve had to cut many more out as