Ten Geeked Up KitchenAid Mixers

Image: ~tommyfilth on deviantART
Image: ~tommyfilth on deviantART

A kitchen geek is lost without her KitchenAid. Sometimes I wish I had two or three of them, but I settle for having two bowls and multiple attachments for everything from casing sausage to extruding pasta. What I don’t have is an awesome design on it. I should work on that. Meanwhile, I’ll gaze at these:

If I could have made my Mass Effect costume out of batter instead of foam, this would have come in handy:

Image: *Derlaine8 on deviantART

KitchenAid Brasil produced this special design:

Image: KitchenAid Brasil
Image: KitchenAid Brasil

Alas, most of us don’t live in Brazil. But you can buy decals for your KitchenAid designed for mixers that are blue. white, or red.

    Image: Alan Chris Ltd.
Image: Alan Chris Ltd.

You can always go hand-painted if you’re a committed DIY geek, but the easiest route is vinyl decals, and Etsy is a treasure trove of them. Click the names in the captions to go to their stores.

Image: Flip Flop Graphics

The KitchenAid’s shape practically screams Bullet Bill from Mario, doesn’t it? Mustard Seed Dream on Etsy makes a white vinyl sheet that when applied to your black KitchenAid looks like this:

Image: bakewithavengeance
Image: bakewithavengeance

I think if you put these TARDIS decals on your mixer, you’re obligated to make Ood rolls with it.

Image: Blakdogs Designs
Or there’s the Batman option:

Image: Blackdogs Designs
Image: Blackdogs Designs
For cupcake pirates, wandering the seven kitchens looking for tiny dessert booty:

Image: Walking Dead Productions
Image: Walking Dead Productions

And finally, though not strictly geeky in the way the rest of these are, I couldn’t resist adding this:

Image: Lil Punkin Creations
Image: Lil Punkin Creations

Keep Your Legs Warm With Geeked-Up Tights

Despite my protests, summer always leaves eventually. I live in the southern US, so I can pretend for a long time, but come January, I have to face it. It’s just plain cold. There are only two ways to make that better: gingerbread lattes, which leave after Christmas, and funky tights, which are always your friend. Here are a few of my favorites.

TARDIS tights (and dress)

Black Milk Clothing is known for awesomely geeky threads. You’ve probably seen their R2-D2 bathing suit. In the past, their tights have included space invader and Tetris themes. Right now what you can pick up are these police box leggings that may remind you of a certain favorite Doctor. There’s also a matching dress.

Image credit: Black Milk Clothing

The more bold among you may be interested in their muscle tights or mechanical leggings, for the full steampunk look.

Mass Effect

It’s not too hard to come by N7 t-shirts, hoodies, and even wallets, but there are no official leggings like the ones Etsy seller Peachykiki is making:

Image credit: Etsy seller Peachykiki Continue reading Keep Your Legs Warm With Geeked-Up Tights

GeekMom Comic Book Corner — August 1st, 2012

Green Lantern: New Guardians / Image: Copyright DC Comics
Green Lantern: New Guardians / Image: Copyright DC Comics

Happy Comic Release Day! Welcome to another installment of GeekMom Comic Book Corner, where we recap our adventures in comics for the week.

Dakster Sullivan – Green Lantern: New Guardians #11
In this month’s issue, our heroes are ticked off and ready to kick some tail. After coming to their own conclusion that Larfleeze stole the lantern rings, they headed back to The Hall of Orange Lanterns to deal with him. The battle that ensues is intense, but really easy to follow. Without spoiling too much, we lose a member of the team who I have to admit has grown on me.

Continue reading GeekMom Comic Book Corner — August 1st, 2012

This Week With The GeekMoms

Brigid is blogging about balancing her artistic time between commercial work that feeds her tummy and personal work that feeds her soul.

Ariane started watching the first season of Game Of Thrones on DVD. She is consequently highly disturbed. She’s also fretting about a forecast of rain this weekend after a relatively dry California winter. What will she do indoors with a toddler all day?!

Chaos Mandy is celebrating her birthday a day early this weekend. She is trekking to her best friend’s house with her daughter and husband in tow. There will be table top roleplaying, learning how to play Magic again and even some birthday cake!

Judy Berna and her family are squeezing in every ski day they can, as spring tries to march forward. So far their local resort has had plenty of snow, but one of these days they’re going to have to switch out the skis in the back of the Suburban, with the BMX bikes. In the meantime she’s working diligently on finishing last edits on the book she hopes to have published by summer time.

Melissa Wiley is gearing up for a weekend trip to Wondercon in Anaheim, where she hopes to rendezvous with GeekMom Kristen AND ALSO IF SHE IS VERY LUCKY Kristen’s little daughter, aka the most beautiful godchild in the world.

Kelly Knox is taking the Earth back from the Reapers and staying up way too late to play Mass Effect 3. When she’s not fighting aliens, she and her daughter are happily working on springtime crafts while the rain keeps them inside all week.

Sophie is looking forward to next week’s Official Doctor Who Convention and receiving her brand new iPad 3. She hopes to have finished The Hobbit in the next 48 hours as part of the GeekMom book club.

Patricia and her family are currently enjoying a Spring Break trip visiting family in West Virginia and North Carolina.  She’s very much looking forward to finally meeting GeekMom Natania and her family this weekend!

Dakster Sullivan is looking forward to the arrival of her new iPad on Friday. On Saturday her family will be taking a break from armor-building and instead go to Epcot to celebrate St. Patrick’s day with some friends.

Ruth survived a week of SXSW, including a vicious Mindstorms hackathon and being on two panels, then made it home in one piece just in time to see a Kevin Smith show.

GeekMom Comic Book Corner – March 14th

Happy Comic Release Day! Welcome to the second installment of GeekMom Comic Book Corner, where we recap our adventures in comics for the week.

New Releases for the week of March 14th: Corrina

Three items are on my radar this week.

Batgirl #7

My favorite comic of the DC new52. I finally received all my issues via mail order this week. (I order all my comics this way as there’s not a good local shop nearby.) Reading #3-6 in a row made me realize something. This is essentially the same Barbara Gordon she’s always been, right down to her not-always likable trait of refusing to accept help and going her own way. Her need to prove to herself that she can be a hero again despite the trauma of her shooting and her recovery from paralysis is the driving force behind this book. I loved seeing the progression in the first six issues, not only in her abilities, but in her letting other people in, even slightly, emotionally.

Shade #7

I wish this book was number one in sales and then DC could just have James Robinson write The Shade forever instead of writing other stories that I don’t like. The Shade, for those who aren’t familiar, is an immortal anti-hero who’s no longer quite human but somehow composed of some type of inky darkness. He appears human but his body isn’t. He had a supporting role in Robinson’s wonderful Starman series, one other miniseries, and now this miniseries. Because The Shade is immortal, we often get stories throughout history, but with twists, such as vampire pirates. The Shade’s driving force in this story is to find out who wants him dead or captured and that takes readers all over the world and into his past lives.

Saga #1 from Image Comics:

GeekMom interviewed artist Fiona Staples recently and the early reviews of this series have been spectacular. I’m looking forward to the first issue of this galactic, war-torn tale of lovers trying to hold their family together.

Superman for All Seasons review by Dakster Sullivan

Superman for All Seasons
Superman for All Seasons

This past week I picked up the DC Graphic novel “Superman for All Seasons. When I first saw the novel on DC Comics must read list, I was a little skeptical. I was guilty of judging a book by its cover (or more so, a comic book by its art). The art was beautiful, but it’s a totally different style than how you see the Man of Steel drawn today. I was hooked in the first few pages where it starts off at Superman’s beginning.

The story leads you through the four seasons and you see how Superman changes in Smallville and Metropolis. The action was minimum and nothing intense. Instead of seeing him fight a particular villain, you see him struggle with himself and who he is.  Lex Luthor is the main villain, and I saw him as more of a nuisance than anything else. I love Lois’ spunky attitude in the story. Overall it was a great story and a nice relaxing read.

Justice League International – March 7th recap *SPOILER ALERT* by Dakster Sullivan

I finally got my digital mitts on Justice League International #7 and all I can say is…wow…It only took 7 issues to kill off what seemed like a few major characters. In the first two pages two members of the team are in hospital beds, two of the founding UN employees and one JLI member are discovered to be dead. The ending was just as much of a cliff hanger as the previous and it introduced a new character, Batwing. I don’t know anything about this character so I am interested to see how he fares in helping Booster Gold fight the new villain Lightweaver.

Comics I’m Reading This Week – Mass Effect Volume 3: Invasion  by Kelly Knox

Mass Effect 3 released last week, so it’s the perfect time to catch up on the Mass Effect comic series! Thanks to Dark Horse Comics, I was able to get my hands on a preview copy of the Mass Effect Volume 3: Invasion trade paperback coming in April. The collection includes all of the Mass Effect: Invasion series, along with the short comic Conviction, which was previously only available online with a special code from comic retailers.

Mass Effect: Invasion follows the action on Omega, a space station players of Mass Effect 2 are well-acquainted with. Aria T’Loak is the ruthless, powerful leader of Omega and she fights an invasion of alien monsters with no holds barred. The story is fast-paced with references to military history and strategy that gives a sense of the larger conflict about to begin.
Mass Effect: Conviction is an introduction to the character James Vega. An Alliance solider with a dark past hinted at in these few pages, Conviction makes me more interested in getting to know him in Mass Effect 3.
These stories are a fantastic tie-in to the last installment in the Mass Effect game series and add even more depth to the game. Mass Effect Volume 3: Invasion will be released on April 2, 2012 by Dark Horse Comics.

Looking for something else, readers? Check out this week’s listed books from DC and Marvel:

Batgirl #7Batman And Robin #7

Batman Year One Deluxe Edition Hard Cover

Batwoman #7

Dc Universe By Moore Hard Cover

Dcu Online Legends Trade Paperback Vol. 2

Deathstroke #7

Demon Knights #7

Flashpoint World Of Batman Trade Paperback

Flashpoint World Of Superman Trade Paperback

Flashpoint World Of  Wonder Woman Trade Paperback

Frankenstein Agent Of Shade #7

Green Lantern #7

Grifter #7

Legion Lost #7

Mister Terrific #7

My Greatest Adventure #6 Of 6

Northlanders #49

Northlanders Trade Paperback Vol. 6

Ray #4 Of 4

Resurrection Man #7

Saucer Country #1

Scp Young Love Trade Paperback Vol. 1

Shade #6 Of 12

Suicide Squad #7

Superboy #7

Unwritten #35


 Astonishing Thor Trade Paperback

Avengers #24

Avengers Assemble #1

Avengers Children’s Crusade Hard Cover

Avengers Heroic Age Hard Cover

Avengers Korvac Saga Trade Paperback Np

Battle Scars #5 of 6

Captain America #9

Carnage Usa #4 Of 5

Daken Dark Wolverine #22

Elektra By Rucka Ult Coll Trade Paperback

Esn Hulk Tp Vol. 2 Np

Esn X-Men Tp Vol. 10

Fantastic Four #604

Incredible Hulk #6

Journey Into Mystery #635

Journey Into Mystery Fi Hard Cover

Mighty Avengers 8 Button Hard Cover

Northanger Abbey #5 of 5

Powers #9

Punisher #9

Scarlet Spider #3

Spider-Man Spider Sense Hard Cover

Stan Lee Secrets Behind Soft Cover

Super Heroes #24

Uc Avengers New Ultimates Trade Paperback

Uc X-Men #9

Uncanny X-Men Gillen Hard Cover Vol. 1

Wolverine And X-Men #7

X-23 #21

X-Men Legacy #263

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Skyrim, You Bore Me

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim by Bethesda Game Studios

I am not a good console gamer. Sure, I play board games and card games and I have a wonderful time, but, put a controller in my hands and it’s all over. I’ve tried, really, because there’s nothing worse than being a geek who’s an inept gamer. I hear about the latest and greatest game that sounds amazing and is set in a universe I love, but when it comes out I know there’s no chance I’ll be able to enjoy it because I’ll be too busy getting fragged. That’s why I’m a Backseat Gamer. Continue reading Skyrim, You Bore Me