Marvel Comics Debuts Cooking Show (No, Seriously!)

3 Course Comics

You might have thought that the new Captain Marvel movie was the most surprising announcement from Marvel Comics lately, but Marvel recently debuted something even more unexpected: a new cooking show!

Listen to the Women of Marvel

Captain Marvel Returns in 2014 © Marvel

Last week the first official Women of Marvel podcast hit the Internet, featuring some of the editors and staff at Marvel Comics.

She-Hulk and the Agents of SMH


She-Hulk is now literally a “strong female character” and nothing more in Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H.

I Am Ms. Marvel

Cover Art by Sara Pichelli © Marvel Comics

So now that it’s here, does Ms. Marvel #1 live up to expectations?

Comic Book Corner — January 8th, 2014–Batman, Star Wars, X-Files & Frankenstein

© Dark Horse Comics

Corrina finds the special expanded edition of Detective Comics #27 far too cynical, Lisa Tate reviews the graphic novel I, Frankenstein in preparation for seeing the movie based on it, Kelly Knox reviews Dark Horse’s Star Wars #13, Sophie dives back into The X-Files, and Dakster reveals her New Year’s Resolution to read 365 comics in 365 days.