Who Was Your Sam?

middle earth card cropped

After finishing an epic read a-loud of Lord of the Rings with two other families, I reflect on the life journey we all experienced during that time, and the “Sams” that got us through.

Hobbits Make Best Airline Safety Video Ever

Air New Zealand has what are probably the best airline safety videos ever. Heck, who knew I’d even want to watch a safety video when not strapped into a seat with no choice. This one features some great cameos. I’ve always wanted to visit New Zealand one day, and now I know what airline I’d choose. Well played.

Geeky Novel Word Counts–How Long Are You In For?


Earlier this week, I found myself in a discussion about the lengths of various novels. It was spurred by two similar conversations I’ve found myself in repeatedly, based on the recent Game of Thrones TV show and the release of the final Harry Potter film. They go like this: Game of Thrones Harry Potter Friend: *complaint about TV show, usually about a character being killed

The Top 25 Ways You Know You’re A GeekMom


What is it that sets a Geek Mom apart from the mundane mass of mothers? Have you ever questioned if you qualify? To really know if you are part of this proud parental pack of geeks, read on… As soon as your daughter’s hair was long enough, you put it in Leia buns. You make hot cocoa with a Bunsen burner and a beaker. You