The Cliffs of Insanity: “Let’s Instagram the Gorn!”

Kansas  City, Union Station, GeekMom, GeekDad
The science display at the Kansas City Union Station gift shop includes GeekMom and GeekDad! /photo by Corrina Lawson

This week’s adventures climbing the cliffs of insanity include a report on the Science Fiction/Fantasy panel at the Romantic Times Booklovers Convention that included John Scalzi among the group (that’s his quote in the headline),  a mind-blowing experiment in gender-flipping covers of books (you must see this), and a discussion with my son about the death of Jason Todd spurred on by the commentary track on Batman Beyond: The Return of the Joker.

The panel at RT was called “SF/F: Seduced by the Unknown: How SF Challenges Your Mind and Heart.” Scalzi, who detailed his experiences at RT on his whatever blog, was one panelist among a group of funny and fascinating SF/F authors: Linnea Sinclair, Stacey KadeJanet Miller (aka Cricket Starr), Beth Revis, P.J. Schnyder, and Sarah Zettel.

After the panelists kidded that Scalzi’s RT Award would make a great murder weapon, Sinclair, who  moderated the panel, starting it off with a lightning round of questions such as “Star Trek or Firefly?” The question was answered so fast that I confess I don’t know who answered what. The next question, “evil overlord” or “galactic prince or princess,” was even more fun but the answers were skewed by the fact the naming widget Sinclair used inevitably spit out better names for evil overlords.

But the authors got down to business when they started answering the question “Why are we fascinated by aliens?” Continue reading The Cliffs of Insanity: “Let’s Instagram the Gorn!”