We Can Do It! Lessons From My Son

Some people think homeschoolers teach their kids at home, short and simple. Well, that's not entirely true. Sure, I might teach my son, the Chief, how to do math, or how to find out more information about his ...

Building the Future with <em>Lego Space</em>

Is there a better way to learn about space than through Lego?

EZLeaps Make Learning to Tie Shoes a Snap

Invented by a first grade teacher and mom, this simple teaching tool is available in 12 styles.

A Science Literate Family

What's a great way to bring science into your family life? Attend a talk by your local, friendly scientists!

3 Things to Remember When Teaching a Friend

As geeks, we love to share our passions. But let's be honest. A lot of us really, really suck at it when it's time to teach a friend.

Without a sense of smell, you wouldn't be able to tell something is burning from the next room. On the other hand, you can't smell dirty laundry either. Check out the winning video that explains all this from The ...

It’s Official: Take a Course In Pirate

In honor of Talk Like A Pirate Day, Mango Languages has a free course in talking like a pirate. Get started to be ready for the big day!

Quick Summertime Toddler Activity: Fizzy Science Fun!

It’s never too early to introduce a child to the wonders of science! Here’s an example of a multi-step reaction that’s super simple, extremely cheap, and a great summertime activity for your toddler.

Wombi Monsters Teach Letters, Numbers, & Shapes to Pre-Schoolers

Last year my son started at our local pre-school and ever since his appetite for knowledge has simply grown and grown. Every day he points out letters, number, and shapes around our home or on the street and asks ...

Give Kids <cite>Arduino Adventures</cite>

Arduino Adventures: Escape from Gemini Station is a great introduction to Arduino robotics projects for kids (and adults who want an easy starting point.) The book was written by James Floyd Kelly and Harold Timmis ...