Scientists When They Were Little Girls

Cute little girl pictures of women who grew up to be scientists.

The Geek Kids Of New York Comic Con

The geeky kids of New York Comic Con stole my heart this year!

Extrageektacular Activities: Rolling Robots

Extrageektacular Activities: Encouraging your child's interest in STEM at Rolling Robots.

<em>Star Wars</em> Reads Day Kids Cosplay

Star Wars Reads Day brings out the best in kids cosplay!

Welcome back to another episode of GeekMom Plays: Mech Mice.

Extrageektacular Activities: Duff’s Cake Mix

Extrageektacular Activities: Creativity through cake decorating at Duff's Cake Mix.

Dine and Draw: <em>Teen Titans Go</em>

Dine and Draw: Creating art and edibles inspired by your favorite geeky things!

On Breaking, or Not Breaking, the Harry Potter Spell

GeekMom Cristen wonders whether she should let her son's Harry Potter obsession to continue, or if she should try and break the spell.

10 Ways to Survive Your Three-Year-Old Son

How are we to survive three-year-olds?! Well, it isn't easy. Here are some tips that might help you feel better in the short and long term...

ConnectiCon: Gamin’ and Art

ConnectiCon 2013 was filled with epic RPGs, cosplay, dancing, and lots of art!