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This week the GeekMom writers found so many cool videos on the internet; I don’t even know where to start! Tap dancing, mock movie trailers (think Star Wars), game reviews that involve cooking, making burritos in space — you name it, it’s possible we found it. A few of my favorites from this week are here to get your attention, but there are many more in the weekly playlist.

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Xbox SmartGlass Has Extra Goodies for Star Trek Fans

A peek at the "Star Trek" Xbox SmartGlass home page. Image: © Paramount Pictures.
A peek at the “Star Trek” Xbox SmartGlass home page. Image: © Paramount Pictures.

Can’t seem to get enough of Star Trek? If you were one of the many lined up at the theater this weekend for Star Trek Into Darkness, you may want to revisit J.J. Abrams’ last installment. And if you’ve got the Xbox 360 and a SmartGlass-enabled tablet or phone, the viewing session may take a little while.

Paramount just unleashed a bunch of behind-the-scenes content and other extras, as an exclusive for users with Xbox SmartGlass. Basically, you just need the Xbox 360 and a SmartGlass-enabled smartphone or tablet. The new perk turns that portable into a second screen, allowing viewers to boldly go where other viewers haven’t gone before.

Users can get the aforementioned behind-the-scenes goodies, as well as deleted scenes, concept art of the U.S.S. Enterprise and more, all time-synched with the film. There’s also a sneak peek at Star Trek Into Darkness, just in case you’re waiting for theater crowds to die down.

The Star Trek SmartGlass experience is available now, as an exclusive to the Xbox 360.