Who Needs a Hero?


A series of strange conversations prompted me to write this article about heroes: discussions of superheroes, jerks, and yes, even underpants.

The Ultimate Avengers Playlist


GeekMom Jackie’s New Year’s resolution is to watch the entire modern Avengers oeuvre in the right order. But what is the right order?

The Cliffs of Insanity: Honor the Past & Press Play, Not Pause

John Stewart Green Lantern

Let’s remember those that provided the imagination and the stories on which the framework of the current day success is built and let’s also remember that the framework will be stronger if it includes everyone, on the page and behind the scenes.

Iron Man 3: Stark is Back and Utterly Compelling

Iron Man 3 © Marvel

GeekMom Sophie, a resident of the UK, already has seen Iron Man and she answers questions about whether it lives up to the Avengers, how Tony Stark is reacting to his near death experience in that movie, and what sequences might be too scary for younger kids.