Late to the Game: <em>Carcassonne</em>

Carcassonne is a classic tabletop board game, which allows players to collect points while building towns, monasteries, roads, and farms in the French countryside.

Giveaway: Logitech PowerShell Controller + Battery

One lucky GeekMom reader will win a Logitech PowerShell Controller + Battery!

Review: <em>If I Ran the Rainforest</em> Ebook

If I Ran the Rainforest sees the Cat taking Sally and her brother Dick on a journey to a rainforest to learn all about them.

Toca Cars and Toca Hair Salon Me are two great additions to the Toca Boca suite of kids' apps.

Getting to Know Romo The iPhone Robot

GeekMom Rachel and her family go hands-on with this smartphone-enabled robot.

On Babies, Glasses of Water, and the Peril of iPhone Ownership

Water and iPhones don't mix. Prepare for the eventual and inevitable with Protect Your Bubble.

App Camp For Girls Goes Live in August!

The inaugural App Camp For Girls takes a huge first step toward creating more opportunities for girls to gain programming experience.

Sena Leather Cases Keep Your Tech Safe in Style

Sena produces a line of beautiful leather cases for phones, tablets, and laptops that look good, keep your tech safe, and provide functionality beyond the usual cases.

Butterfingers! Part One: Road Testing iPhone Cases

Looking for a new iPhone case? GeekMom tried out several options, including a waterproof number and a couple that can replace your wallet.

Mobile Phone Diagnoses Worm Infections

In Tanzania, scientists recently used a mobile phone equipped with a makeshift microscope to diagnose intestinal parasites.