Tiny Hands Apps Puts the Joy of Learning in Toddlers’ Hands

Image: Tiny Hands

As the mother of two kids in a very tech-connected geek household, apps are often on our minds. Which is why I’m so excited to share Tiny Hands Apps, our sponsor, with you. Our daughter, the youngest, is only two. And while she’s fascinated with the iPad and certainly wants to use it like her brother does, there’s not much out there that caters to

Late to the Game: Carcassonne

Carcassonne © Z-Man Games/Coding Monkeys

Carcassonne is a classic tabletop board game, which allows players to collect points while building towns, monasteries, roads, and farms in the French countryside.

Product Review: Chef Sleeve iOS Kitchen Products


Do you use your iPad or other tablet device in the kitchen? I had the opportunity to review three of Chef Sleeve’s products: the cutting board with iPad stand, a set of iPad 2 protective sleeves, and the dishwasher safe iPad stand. All of these products are made in the U.S.A.

iPad App Review: DrawQuest

Screen capture: Patricia Vollmer.

My sons and I had the chance to check out a free iPad app called DrawQuest. If you or your kids have a knack for drawing, this free app will be a fun diversion for you. This Facebook-connected online community will bring out your best of Pictionary, Win, Lose or Draw, or Draw Something!

OGIO Manhattan Bag Review

Ogio Brooklyn \ Image: Dakster Sullivan

Bags are one of my geeky pleasures. Lately, I’ve been checking out the Ogio: Brooklyn. It’s a simple messenger bag and thanks to my geeky button collection, I was able to give a little bit of a face lift. Underneath the Superman, Flash and Batman buttons is actually three regular buttons that once you undo, lets you access a hidden pocket under the flap.

Father’s Day Gifts with Ulterior Motives: iGrill


On Mother’s Day, they tend to advertise a lot of things like vacuums and ironing boards. I think that’s a little mean. It’s like giving someone a gift that says, “Clean my house!” I’ll admit that I’m occasionally guilty of doing this for Father’s Day, although my gifts usually say “Cook for me!” He likes cooking, and I like eating, so I refuse to feel guilty about it. This year, I received a review model of the iDevices iGrill, and I wanted to see if it qualifies as good gift encouragement for tasty smoked meats.

Review: Hand Stylus Shows Promise


I’ve been going through a bunch of styluses lately. It turns out they mostly suck. Picture trying to write something with a hot dog encased in metal. Not exactly an artists dream, and usually I just give up and used my finger. You know, one of the ten styluses Steve Jobs said we carried with us all the time? The Hand Stylus ended up not sucking. Hooray!

Verso Offers The Coolest Cases Ever


When I pre-ordered my Kindle Fire, I also pre-ordered the Verso Prologue case cover pictured in the center of this photo. When it arrived, my husband immediately wanted a Kindle Fire, not because he was a huge Fire fan, but because the case was so cool. It instantly turns your Fire into a steampunk costume accessory. What’s not to love about that? The Verso Prologue is

Disney’s “It’s a Small World” Interactive iOS App


Anybody who knows me personally will know that I am an enormous Disney geek. Interestingly, for me it is not so much about the films as it is the theme parks. There are paintings all over our house of the parks, I have a collection of plates and collectables and several boards full of trading pins. The best present I received this Christmas was a

Quirky Digits, Warm Fingers


Occasionally, I need to make a call during bad weather, and that means I run into a conductivity problem with my gloves. You can’t use normal gloves with a smartphone because they don’t allow the electrical signal to transfer from your finger to the phone screen. I’ve solved this problem in the past by using those half-mitten, half-fingerless gloves (with the flaps that close over

How the IPad Is Teaching My Son to Talk


This is my son. He’s an aspiring fire fighter and a fan of Thomas, Lego, and Angry Birds. He’s also autistic. He has difficulty getting his words out because of a speech issue called apraxia. Basically, his mouth is a klutz and doesn’t do a great job planning out the sequence of events it takes to form words. His mouth would be the worst guest