Family Sharing – A Fantastic new iOS 8 Feature!

Setting up an Apple ID for your child is a breeze with the new iOS 8 Family Sharing setting!

App Review: <em>Adventure Time: Card Wars</em> for iOS and Android

GeekMom Patricia reviews the latest Adventure Time app for iOS and Android devices.

<em>Transport Tycoon</em> Pulls Into Your Mobile Device

Transport Tycoon is a classic, originally released in 1994. The game allows players to build up a transport empire, beginning in the 1900s and progressing through time to the modern day.

Designed for iOS and Android devices, this super-cute app can entertain with six different activities.

Jazzy World Tour Shows Kids Music and Culture From Around the World

The cute cartoon cats who learned about jazz instruments by visiting a big band in New York City are back and taking a Jazzy World Tour.

Wombi Monsters Teach Letters, Numbers, & Shapes to Pre-Schoolers

Last year my son started at our local pre-school and ever since his appetite for knowledge has simply grown and grown. Every day he points out letters, number, and shapes around our home or on the street and asks ...

Instagram is Instagram because it's simple, slightly cheesy, and easy to share. Magisto is pretty much that - only with video.

Father’s Day Gifts with Ulterior Motives: iGrill

On Mother's Day, they tend to advertise a lot of things like vacuums and ironing boards. I think that's a little mean. It's like giving someone a gift that says, "Clean my house!" I'll admit that I'm occasionally ...

Anybody who knows me personally will know that I am an enormous Disney geek. Interestingly, for me it is not so much about the films as it is the theme parks. There are paintings all over our house of the parks, I ...