Happy Ada Lovelace Day! Now With More Quizzes

In honor of Ada Lovelace Day, here's a quiz about discoveries and inventions. Can you correctly identify which were made by women, and which were not?

Summer Science Fun: The Moon

The summer is a great time to observe the moon. Learn about the moon, some of its history, and how lunar eclipses occur.

<em>BrainBox</em>: Educational Family Fun

BrainBox is a simple game with editions aimed at every age group and interest that combines memory skills with other subjects in a fun game.

Buying Used Educational Products Can Be a Great Thing

Buying used educational materials can net you lower costs and some fantastic out of print finds.

<em>William Shakespeare’s Star Wars</em>—May the Verse Be With You

May the verse be with Dakster as she embarks on a journey through Star Wars-Shakespeare style.

History Geek: Comics and Games from the 1930s

Superman and Monopoly. Can you imagine the world without them? Both began in the 1930's.

History Geek: 1930s Week

Swing dancing! The creation of Superman! Adagio for Strings! Radio Plays! Migrant Mother photojournalism! Heath bars! The Wizard of Oz! Monopoly! Last week I directed a summer camp all about America during the 1930's.

Father’s Day Gift Guide–Bookworm Edition

Welcome to the Father's Day Gift Guide for bookworm dads. Here you will find our favorite books for our dads. We hope you will consider them for yours.

Colonists Resorted to Cannibalism During Starving Time

In 2012 archaeologists at the Jamestown site uncovered the remains of an English girl, roughly 14 years in age, showing the first physical evidence of cannibalism.

Does More Tragedy Happen In April?

Does tragedy really always strike this time of year? Or does it just feel that way? You might be surprised...