Test Your Geography Knowledge With Google SmartyPins

Play Google's new geography trivia game with Trivial-Pursuit-style questions.

Google Docs: The Future of School Reports

The future is now: How to teach your kid to use Google Docs for school reports

If You Are Transgender, Google May Out You. Here’s How You Can Protect Yourself.

If you are transgender and use one identity for Google+, and have to use another for work or family, Google may out you. Here are some steps to protect yourself.

Your Android Phone Has Geeky Answers To These 22 Requests

If you haven't played with the voice commands on your Android phone yet, you're missing out on a) looking like a total nerd (so what?) and b) some really fun answers. Here are a few to try.

Google Doodle Celebrates Foucault’s Pendulum

Google is celebrating French physicist Leon Foucault with an interactive Doodle featuring his famous pendulum.

Google Doodle Celebrates 66th Anniversary of Roswell

In today's interactive Doodle, Google re-imagines the crash, putting a cute little alien on the ground---alive and well---in Roswell.

Just in Time for Memorial Day*: Enjoy the 2013 Doodle4Google Winner

A Wisconsin 12th grader is singlehandedly bringing millions of people -- especially military spouses, military children and servicemembers -- to tears. For her winning 2013 Doodle4Google contest entry, Sabrina Brady ...

The April Fool’s Roundup: Jokes Around The Web

Don't forget--it's Don't Believe The Internet Day! Here's a roundup of some of the web's 2013 pranks.

Samsung Galaxy Camera: Sharing, Editing, and Android

Does your camera run Android? This one does. The Samsung Galaxy Camera is part of a new class of device. It's got every part of a phone, including a possible two year contract, but this camera doesn't make phone calls.

Happy Birthday, Google!

Google is celebrating their 14th birthday. Can you believe it? Google is old enough to be a freshman in high school.