A GeekMom Guide to Google+ Part Four


In Part One, we talked about circles. In Part Two, we tackled profiles and privacy. In Part Three, we discussed finding friends and people to follow. Today I want to share an assortment of Google+ tips I hope you’ll find useful. Like everyone else at this brand-spanking-new social network, I’m learning as I go. The more I settle in at G+, the more I love

A GeekMom Guide to Google+ Part Three


In Part One of this series, we took a look at Google+ circles. In Part Two, we tackled privacy and profiles. Today let’s talk about the first thing most people want to know when they join a social network: how do I find my friends? Finding people to follow on Google+ • If you click on your Circles tab, you’ll see a “Find and Invite”

A GeekMom Guide to Google+ Part One


I was lucky enough to land an invite to Google+ right away, thanks to fellow GeekMom Jules, and within minutes of my first exploration of Google’s new social networking platform, I was completely smitten. For me, Google+ combines the best things about Twitter and Facebook, and offers more besides. (Jules gave us a great post about her Google+ first impressions last week.) But like any