George R. R. Martin Talks About Wild Cards


Fans who know George R. R. Martin only as the author behind the books that became Game of Thrones may be interested in seeing his much older and continuing superhero-based work, Wild Cards.

GeekMom Game of Thrones Recap is Back!


It took a bit, but the GeekMom Game of Thrones Recap is back. This week we talk about Episode 3, “Breaker of Chains” — and it’s a doozy. Don’t forget to tune in right after the show, 10PM EST for our future episodes!

Em-Con Recap

Em-Con © Lee Wallis

Em-Con was the first event of its kind in the region. I enjoyed myself immensely, however for many attendees, it was a long, long wait.

True Blood Tea Party!

Join the GeekMoms as they chat about the premiere of True Blood. We all agree: nobody’s Team Bill.

The Cliffs of Insanity: “Let’s Instagram the Gorn!”

Kansas City, Union Station, GeekMom, GeekDad

This week’s adventures climbing the cliffs of insanity include a report on the Science Fiction/Fantasy panel at the Romantic Times Booklovers Convention that included John Scalzi and a fascinating discussion on the purpose of science fiction in our changing technology, a mind-blowing experiment in gender-flipping covers of books (you must see this), and a discussion with my son about the death of Jason Todd spurred on by the commentary track on Batman Beyond: The Return of the Joker.

Make Me Laugh!

School of Thrones produced by Whitney Milam

SOMEONE MAKE ME LAUGH, DAMMIT! Ah-hem. Yeah, so to keep me from ripping my children’s heads off for no particular reason other than they seem to be there all the time, I’ve found some web channels that lighten the mood. Sometimes I even watch them with my kids. The channels have multiple funny videos; here are my favorites. Hope you enjoy them too!

Television’s Geekiest. Weekend. Ever.

Game of Thrones, Walking Dead, Doctor Whoe

Geekiest Weekend Ever features the premiere of a new Doctor Who episode, the season finale of Walking Dead, the season premiere of Game of Thrones, and not to mention that show about Vikings.

Ebook Piracy and the Libraries of the Future


My husband has been lucky since acquiring his iPhone. He was looking for a book to read to test out the reader function, saw a commercial for A Game of Thrones, decided to read the book and it was being given away as a free ebook that month in preparation for the show. After that, several people recommended that he read The Pillars of the Earth, lo

Geeky Novel Word Counts–How Long Are You In For?


Earlier this week, I found myself in a discussion about the lengths of various novels. It was spurred by two similar conversations I’ve found myself in repeatedly, based on the recent Game of Thrones TV show and the release of the final Harry Potter film. They go like this: Game of Thrones Harry Potter Friend: *complaint about TV show, usually about a character being killed